Your iOS App is continuously getting rejected – Here’s why?

iOS App getting rejected?
July 10, 2018

Rejection itself is a negative word & vibe. We can not bear a single rejection with some positive aspect or optimism. Especially here is the Apple rejecting iOS apps being coded so well and with the hard work of developers. Of course, it would hurt. Maybe the iOS developers have put best of the features and tested tirelessly and cross-checked the Apple guidelines.

But what if when the sudden rejection pops up with no such expectation? Sudden mood swing comes up and we get a big sad hit. Well, considering all such ups and downs for iOS apps development; let’s have a quick look at what Apple sees in your app to be rejected? And why you are being saddened continuously?

Some Essentials for Your iOS App Rejection:

Apple Guidelines

Sometimes breaching of rules cost you more than the thrill. Same way, Apple loves to be strict on its guidelines and you as an iOS developer has to follow them. Mostly, the genuine iOS app development companies do read and understand the Apple app development guidelines prior to development phases. It causes a lot of problems when you miss reading the rules before penning down the codes.

Apple has some predefined set of rules that have to be followed in its apps. Because Apple is way specific and of course, not the ordinary platform. It creates a big disappointment as well as clash when you post read the Apple guidelines after the app development.

Unstoppable Crashes!

Apple reviews the app from every nook and corner of the code base. Your iOS app whenever fails on the very first review process, it gets rejected right away. Of course, it would be. Apple can not allow apps having too many crashes and give it for the users to put on bad reviews.

Yes, Apple does care of branding. So double check the codebase as well as the testing things before submitting an app to the app store.

User Interface not up to the mark

User interface – the closest touch point to the users for any software product. Anything goes wrong with the user interface. iOS apps are amazing in all the terms. Especially when it comes to the lucrative user interface, it never steps back.

Apple suggests a pixel-perfect user interface and friendly for the users. It should not come up with the issues with content formatting or touch control. Apple expects everything to be perfect with a user interface. Whether it is a matter of fixing font size or hit controls. 

An iOS apps user interface should give a value-added user experience and high-quality appearance. So it is crucial to keep the user interface at its best.

Advertising Identifier

Advertising identifiers are provided by Apple and it should be used at the places where valid advertisements are to be shown. But putting them on inappropriate places would definitely make a bad impression. And will come to the rejection status right away.

Final Bit

Apple sees a plethora of considerations in which it rejects the iOS app directly and making developers sad. But what if you make it perfect from the very first instance? Considering the listed factors do help in analyzing the mistakes and building a roadmap for a successful iOS app acceptance by Apple.


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