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Veggie Paradise is a mobile application which has been specially designed and developed keeping the vegetarian food lovers in mind. The app lets such people to easily connect with like-minded food loving people, find recipes and places, and get updates on latest food trends. You can also order food online and get it delivered at your doorstep through this restaurant food delivery app. This way the app owner can easily find a way to connect with the target audience through the medium of food. If you wish to develop such an application for your business then we can develop a fully-customized app that connects with your target audience.



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Raleway fonts are used in this app to give a neat-and-clean user-interface with a soothing effect.



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Find menus from restaurants near you

This section showcases different menus from restaurants located in your vicinity within a said radius. It helps you find the popular dishes in the restaurant along with images, price and reviews.

Know what people are doing

This menu within the mobile app lets you check out the activities of the people with whom you are connected. You can see their posts about different vegetarian dishes and more.


Veggie Paradise takes you to your mom’s and grandma’s kitchens. Yes, it’ll drive you nostalgic about the smell of a freshly baked bread or a simple gourmet dish. Bon Appetit! is all you’ll end up with.

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Shop food online

The app comes with a particular section which has been listed with the most popular and trending dishes among your food loving community. If you wish to get a bite and relish every single munch without getting to work by yourself, you can simply order food online here. This will work as your online food delivery app and will get the food delivered at your doorstep. The section showcases real images of the dish along with price to make the buying process simpler. So all you have to do is to ‘Add to Cart’ and make payment!

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