Here’s The Top Web Development Trends To Follow In 2022!

January 18, 2019

Welcoming the year 2019 means everything to us. Be it a software development service, finding an apartment or going for a vacation. The web & software development industry is quite booming and we can not deny the fact that it is going to be the talk and thought of the world in this upcoming year, too.

Well, as we’ve titled, we’d discuss top web development trends that will dominate in 2019. Let’s see what are the dominant of web industry in the upcoming times.

The Intelligent Chat Bots

Chatbots – we all have experienced and talked with. Chatbots play a vital role in identifying the customers/prospects’ requirement with no human efforts. It also satisfies the prompt need of a response to customers.

Currently, the chatbots are being used to provide a medium for reaching customers. Chatbots are and would be designed in a way to help people with the smartest ever conversations and prompt help. Be it a service based business product based company or any small or medium-sized business.

The chatbots become highly intelligent when they are able to interact with the people in the same and with the same pace of people and able to answer the business questions.

In the upcoming time of the year, the chatbots will be as much as productive for the businesses because they are highly influential in generating and collecting people’s views on the products and services they are using or thinking to use.

The chatbots will be completely inclined to the internet of things and will not be ever referred to as automated but something advanced that can better understand the humans.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is the all-new way of communicating with the customers, potential purchasers, quick business deals and a lot more.

From the statistics itself, we can measure the popularity of voice searches being done.

The eCommerce business trend in the current ecosystem is increasing like never before. In this era of digitization and online marketing, there is something for every different query being triggered on the search engines.

Well, the voice searches are being handled by the Google search engines itself and it would be easy to get the searches done with a single hit of voice queries.

So the developers need to develop and have things updated in the upcoming 2019 web development projects.

We can consider the increasing trend of Google home and Alexa. How they seem to us? Quite friendly indeed. And of course, the Google assistant which is inbuilt in our smartphones. It will make consumers more comfortable about anything. Be it a purchase, service or help with something. Adapting new technologies is a very good step and everyone should move with it.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps are the new form of websites and app. Again its a smart combination of two major software components. Progressive Web Apps are the all-new concept of working with a mobile app and website application together. These sort of applications are generally based on the javascript, Core HTML and a proper CSS. PWAs are mainly designed for increasing the users’ attention and add more easiness in the interactions with direct users.

These apps are mainly designed for a complete sort of adaptability and unique user convenience. As we know, the user, in general, won’t feel much convenience in visiting a web view in comparison with the mobile app. But what if the user won’t find feasibility in downloading the number of apps as well?

Progressive web apps are the kind of apps that work with native app features and web browsing applications with a lot of benefits built-in.

The Moving UI

A user interface is the most important thing for any web application or mobile app. Without simplifying the user interface, any app cannot be at the favorite place of users’ list.

To keep the visitors engaging with every single scroll and animated image, the motion UI is indeed. And that’s what would be witnessed in these upcoming years.

The motion UI has kept some excitement in, for the developers and users. How it would be effective and record-breaking? All will be recognized in 2019’s software applications by the major IT development companies.

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