Top 5 WordPress Plugins with “Must Have” tag in 2019!

WordPress – the most powerful ever content management system yet again in 2019. And it will continue to keep things up for website design and development for decades. WordPress has always marked up high in terms of plugins. Using the multiple functionalities of WordPress plugins, it has created a great impact on the web development industry. It has already taken the place of manual coding and make it all possible using the bunch of plugins, which is very easy and smart in this era.

Now citing the best WordPress Plugins of 2019 here, we have made a short list of plugins that are indeed powerful and useful that every WordPress Development site must have.

Here is the list of “must have” WordPress Plugins in 2019


Updraftplus as the name suggests, it is the most popular plugin in the market for storing the documents in the cloud. For keeping safe backups and secure connections for storages. The storages can be done on platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, S3 and more.

So now restoring the website data in a second is easy and there is no glitch for backing things up. This plugin absolutely works best with its extra features of storage.


MemberPress is used for building online communities. It mainly helps with membership purpose. When you’re using WordPress and you need to get along with your fellow developers. Connecting with the WordPress developers and active communities help to enhance the knowledge and building programming logic as well.

So the purpose of MemberPress plugin is to restrict and allowing users to join specific communities. This will help in creating subscriptions and choosing the appropriate plans of the communities.

SEORank math

SEORank math is all about making content on top of the search engine. It has everything to do with rich snippets of content, content analytics, website faults according to search engine terms, Woocommerce and other related tools.

With the massive response from the public, that is over ten thousand plugin installations, SEORank math is reaching all the milestones of popularity in WordPress developers community.

Pretty Links

As the name holds all the meaning, Pretty Links is useful for giving awesome look to the links on the website. For any sort of links decoration, approaching pretty links would be a great solution.

So there would be no need for using third-party short links for each time bloggers publish their blog on the website. It would be easy for them to get the Pretty Links plugin and have their work started.

So ultimately it would be easier for the tracking purpose as per the locations and numbers base.

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is useful for managing projects on WordPress. For most of the IT companies, it always happens that there comes a need for project managing tool as a third party. WordPress has almost evolved that need and brought amazing plugins for project management. This plugin is doing all the tasks as a project manager.

Conclusion: If you are looking to hire WordPress developer online, do refer candidates with all the information regarding the plugins and latest customizations available in WordPress.

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