The Most Innovative Startups to Watch This Year

Innovative Startups
January 6, 2021

With each passing day, we are moving towards a world that will be driven by technology at its best. For the same reason, it is the right time that even start-up businesses move in the same direction. Right from AI-driven solutions to robots leading replacing humans, our future will witness a number of novel innovative ideas taking the front seat. Tech investors have to stay ahead of the curve for all such happenings and turn such ideas into reality.

Not all start-up businesses get the attention they yearn for, however, there were some which managed to get to the finishing line with happy colors in 2020 during covid times. In a similar manner, some are going to definitely get clicked in 2020 and here we are with a few that we expect will do best.


It is one of the effective app solutions that match today’s lifestyle! By using this app you can order your food through the app and simply collect your order from the restaurant. Here the payment will be done over the app and so you don’t have to wait even for a second when you arrive at the restaurant. Snackpass deducts money from the wallet whenever the customer orders food and so the restaurant does not have to worry about the customer coming and collecting the order. The app enjoys the support of some of the biggest names in the tech industry and is now used across a number of universities based in the US.


NutSpace is one of the edu-tech start-ups which are focused on building kids future-ready with the skills needed for the 21st century. To teach kids “how to learn” things, it makes use of Proprietary Inventive Thinking Methodology. The start-up even comes with an in-classroom program to help students develop independent thinking skills through experiential learning. The content here helps the kids to develop their language, listening and imagination skills.


Securitize is one of the blockchain-enabled company which let the traders from capital markets to trade in private companies by making use of global solutions that are trusted. The platform offers investors a secure and excellent experience. Here the traders can carry out their work without having to worry about losing their earning as it is integrated with many marketplaces based in US.

Shape Therapeutics

Shape Therapeutics, a Seattle-based company is working on to develop a technology that can make modifications in human RNA so as to remove diseases or correct mutations. The start-up was founded in 2018 and it has been working on the basis of the groundbreaking work of Prashant Mali, a UC-San Diego bioengineering professor. This way it has been able to raise a $35.5 million in the Series A funding conducted in November. They consider the money to be enough to put up a satellite office in Cambridge, Massachusetts and build its staff in 2020. As per some experts, compared to what the Crispr-Cas9 process has, Shape is working in the right direction.


Kitopi is one of the latest introductions in the food and beverage industry and the name itself means kitchen. It has been representing innovation and operation in the food business. This start-up comes with a state-of-the-art kitchen network that deals with the task of preparing and delivering food to different retail outlets present out there. This start-up brings to us the idea of a managed cloud kitchen network where the restaurants can easily place their orders and get them delivered in no time. This way, they get to concentrate on more important things needed to run their business like the budget, marketing, and product innovation.


This is one of the best start-ups to come up in the healthcare sector. These help with tracking the respiratory health, measure improvements, and deliver the cure. The start-up comes with devices that can be used by old and young alike to track and monitor their respiratory health.

The data collected by the device gets directly transferred to the application used by the user. Based on the information the doctor can make the right health decision through proper diagnosis and provide the right medical care. After carrying out in-depth research on patients and learning from researchers and pulmonologist, the platform has been designed to reach efficiency. The platform has been designed with the single aim of offering better support to the caregivers and making life better for patients.

Mythical Games

‘Mythical games’ come from Javelin Ventures, and is one of the encouraging solutions build in the field of blockchain. This is one of the new introductions in the gaming industry and is based on blockchain. The company is working towards bringing the content creators and game developers together and closer to their interests. The platform enjoys the effective role of platform and veteran game experts and through this gaming platform, they are trying to create a scenario for the users so that they can easily adapt the technology of distributed ledger through games.


This IoT-based start-up comes from TiVenture and has been developed with the aim to focus on the agricultural business. This business field is currently facing a lot of issues regarding product certifications and legal requirements. By leveraging digital technology, xFarm start-up is trying to bring changes in the agricultural processes and transform it for good. The start-up is said to offer innovative tools to support stakeholders, farmers, and the food supply chain.

The main focus of the start-up is to offer adaptability, intuitiveness, and convenience to the retailers in the agriculture sector. The digital ecosystem of this start-up comes with an application that is free to be used on desktop and mobile and comes with premium modules, IoT sensors that are selected, optimized and connected to the xFarm and an analytical dashboard that are to be used by the users.


Speechly which comes from Cherry Ventures is one of the prominent start-ups developed in the field of Software and SaaS. It lets your mobile application has the feature of voice assistance added in there. By using Speechly, you can work on to create engaging experiences to customers for any application of your choice by leveraging the APIs of the app. The use of such a solution will let your application have an intuitive voice UI, enhance customer experience, improve retention rate and make profits. So any eCommerce business which wants to utilize voice UIs for shopping can greatly benefit from Speechly.

Porch Services

Porch is one of its kinds of start-up ideas that can help you easily avail of the services of an electrician, maid, plumber or carpenter. In short, the home repair works can be easily carried out using such a mobile platform. Here you can easily find freelancers who are available in your area and you can go for the service which you feel is feasible. Once the service ends, you can rate the person on the app. Such ratings will help others who are looking for people, who can offer them those services with ease.


Spacemaker is one of those AI-based start-ups which aims at helping companies grow while reducing the environmental pollution by building sustainable infrastructure. Spacemaker can be used by infrastructure designers to find new ways in which they can effectively boost the value of real-estate. The platform will generate and look for millions of site proposals, choose the excellent ones and based on their findings will give detailed statistics on each proposal to the infrastructure developers. In order to come up with eco-friendly designs, Spacemaker makes use of machine intelligence.


This is one of its kind of innovative projects, that comes from DMG Ventures. It comes with the unique idea of shopping for cars online. The start-up has simply made the car buying smoother than you can think about.

The start-up offers an online platform for buying used cars. Apart from just showcasing them, it works as an inspection-cum-selling store for cars. The platform has listed out more than 150 point checklist and for a car to be okay, it has to go through each one of them. In case you like a car and paid for it, it will get delivered at your doorstep within the time-span of 72 hours. Again, you always have the option to return the car for free if you are not satisfied with what you got.


CoachHub is a mobile coaching cloud platform that has been designed to offer career level coaching to employees. The platform offers several top-rated certified coaches available from across the world. In case you manage to fulfill the requirements kept by the platform, you will be able to become a coach too. The platform offers flexible learning hours for the employees which they can use to make use of the coaching sessions offered through video conferencing.

By introducing such coaching sessions, you can easily boost the confidence and knowledge of your managers and turn them into inspiring leaders for the team, enhance the growth of employees and boost team performance. The start-up is based in Berlin and offers its service through leading IT engineers, business coaches, serial entrepreneurs, and personnel development experts.


This is one of the newest online payment solutions we have in the market to help customers make purchases swiftly all the while bringing down the rate of cart abandonment. It is today one of the top blockchain start-ups which connect blockchain with the banking structure and PCI-compliant card payment. This setup helps in achieving secure transactions for the clients through the combination of credit card terminal apps, mobile applications, application programming interfaces or APIs, browser plugin and eCommerce cart plugins which are pre-configured.

This platform seems to be the perfect choice for those businessmen who are looking for an alternative solution (compared to those who offer below-average service generally) to transact money without having to pay a high fee. In short, Radpay is capable enough to help you improve your margins by decent figures.


It is no more an issue for you to get a beer now if you are in the US. TapRm is an eCommerce venture which is into delivering beer to your doorstep. Currently, this start-up is only offering its service to the customers in New York. In order to expand its business to other states in the US, the company has received around $17 million in the form of funds.

Final thoughts

These are some of the promising start-ups we can look up to in 2021. In the current situation of the pandemic outbreak, businesses may seem to stay low for the coming few months. Things are expected to get better with time and we may even witness some more start-ups getting added into the list in 2020.

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