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Today the world is moving fast into the next level of computing. Embedded solution providers and the semiconductor industry are together paving the way towards the work of next-generation IoT innovation. The extensive use of portable computing devices like smartphones, electric cars, tablets, and wearable devices has led to a significant increase in the demand for sensors, microcontrollers, and memory from the semiconductor industry. This has led to the greater demand for rugged, reliable, and high-performing on-chip products, design for testing (DFT), VLSI design services, lower geometries, pre/post-silicon validation, DFM, and other solutions.

Our engineers are enthusiastic with skills in their spaces. As a client, you can leverage the best out of our provided resources to carry out your essential tasks.

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ASIC/FPGA Design & Development Experts

In the last few years, there has been a remarkable increase in the demand for lower power consumption, low form-factor, and high-performance designs. Our professional engineers have experience in delivering the same! They provide mixed and digital signal ASIC design and FPGA-SoCs development for different industry niches that include Aerospace, AI-driven data centers, Networking, Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, IoT, Medical, etc..

Our dedicated resources have expertise in Mixed-signal solutions in design, physical design, verification, and validation to develop lower geometry designs. Our DFT/DFM experts include the definition and implementation of architecture, pre-silicon validation, FPGA to ASIC conversion, post-validation, and yield analysis.
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Why choose our ASIC/FPGA Engineers


Expertise in handling varying FPGA/ASIC projects


Domain expertise in Avionics, Networking, Storage, and Video.


Complete control over product development under FPGA.


Prototyping services for multi-million ASIC to many FPGAs

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Design Verification & Validation

Our verification engineers have proved their expertise while working for our clients with 100% client satisfaction. To ensure appropriate design verification and validation testing, our experts follow well-defined methodologies. Moreover, our skilled pull of resources can develop a reusable and modular verification environment.

Why choose our Design Verification & Validation Experts?


Carrying out a comprehensive verification and testing of design to find all bugs beforehand at the pre-silicon phase.


Developing a scalable and reusable verification environment

Physical Design & DFT Experts

Our silicon design engineers help clients with successful silicon tape-outs. It has become possible as our design engineers have expertise in the physical design flow and have proven methodologies. Design engineers can help clients to tape-out multiple SoCs by working on 7nm, 10nm, 14nm, and 28nm ASIC technology nodes. Such SoCs were developed with the focus of reducing power and die size and have 300 million to 500 million gates.

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Why choose our Physical Design & DFT Engineers


Tape-out multiple SoCs 7nm, 10nm, 14nm, and 28nm ASIC technology node


Right from DFT architecture to Silicon Turn-on, experts offer a flexible DFT engagement model

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