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ReactJS Development company

Silicon IT Hub is a leading ReactJS development company that is known to offer world-class ReactJS development services to its clients. We have developed several scalable and dynamic web and mobile applications with intuitive and attractive user-interface using the React framework. Startups or enterprises, we have managed to find a suitable solution that matches their business needs.

Over the years we have managed to build a strong team of ReactJS developers who have the proficiency of working on different ReactJS projects over time. Right from project ideation to final deployment, our team has worked closely with businesses to be sure that quality solutions are delivered at the end.

Services We Provide


Application design and product development

At Silicon IT Hub, we help you build web and mobile applications with the right functionalities and features. Our experts will take care of everything which includes application design to the development of the final product.


ReactJS Migration service

Our expert team of ReactJS developers can help you upgrade or migrate your current web application into the framework of ReactJS in a hassle-free manner. We will make sure that no data is lost during the process.


Native mobile application development

Our ReactJS developers put in their best efforts and knowledge together to come up with applications that have native functionalities and features.


ReactJS QA and Testing

It is important for an application to be error-free and bug-free. We ensure to deliver the best in quality web and mobile applications by conducting vigorous QA and testing.

ReactJS development services

We also offer a range of other services like

  • ReactJS plugin development
  • ReactJS UI/UX development
  • ReactJS frontend development
  • ReactJS customization services
  • ReactJS social networking solutions

Create a new React Native app with us

The experience and expertise that we have gained over the years have helped us to deliver the right customized technical solutions to our clients. So, if you are looking for top-notch ReactJS development solutions for your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call or simply drop in an email.

Why ReactJS?

Dynamic user interfaces for your web and mobile applications for an extra edge



In case of ReactJS, a virtual DOM is created in the framework and all the components are placed within it. This lets the framework have high performance and better flexibility, thereby increasing its efficiency.


Responsive UI

The applications build using ReactJS works seamlessly across different devices, operating systems, browsers and screen sizes.


Developer Tools

React comes with several developer tools to be used in the project development. This makes development efficient, easier and faster for developers. All such things contribute towards quick turnaround time for project delivery.


Easy to learn

ReactJS is a simple JavaScript library that comes with an easy learning curve. This means that even the least experienced ReactJS developer can understand and start working on it if he or she has some knowledge of JavaScript.


Zero dependency

As ReactJS does not depend on other technologies available in the market, it is always good that you choose React to build your mobile and web applications. Again, things become easier when you go for maintenance services post-development.



With React you can develop solutions for different platforms at a time. This means you can have an application developed for Android, iOS, and web with ease. All of this makes React a versatile framework for development.


Easy testability

You can easily and quickly test the applications developed using ReactJS. This is because the app developed using React can have different views and each of them is considered as functions of the said state.


One-way data flow

ReactJS brings to us one-way data flow. This way the issues that are related to the traditional data-binding methods get reduced.

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