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PIE Properties has the biggest real estate database nationwide! It is the only app that showcases on-sale properties directly from real estate developers. Whether you are looking to buy a home, seeking commercial space for your business, or simply checking out local properties, PIE will help you find everything you need.

By connecting PIE’s advanced platform with real estate developer systems, PIE Properties retains a wealth of real estate information that is updated live through its cloud-based technology. This provides users with brochures, images, and news updates. Simply put, PIE generates real-time offers that match your preferences.

Technology Stack

Frameworks, Tools, and Libraries We Use

  • iOS Native and Android Native
  • iOS Native and Android Native
  • iOS Native and Android Native
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Screen and Features

Find Properties

Use custom filters such as location, price, and estimated delivery times to swiftly narrow down your choices, and find the perfect match. Users can request property information with the click of a button. Also gain access to PIE Partners, which include the best property consultants and developers in Egypt.

Feature 2

Trending Properties List

Users can be the first to hear about developments and changes in the market. Users can discover new launches and special offers broadcast directly from the developers.

Trending Properties List
Feature 3

Push Notification

Users will get live updates and notifications about the latest market news to stay up to date with the market activities.

Push Notification
Feature 4

Real Estate Project Full Details

Users can navigate and read all the details of the Real Estate projects to have an in-depth project idea. Filter through an extensive database of Egypt’s most promising developments, spanning across Cairo, New Capital, North Coast, the Red Sea, and more. Locate over 2,000 projects using the interactive map, and view all project information, including beautiful images and riveting videos.

Real Estate Project Full Details
Feature 5

Real Estate Property Market Prices

Assessing the live value of the real estate has never been easier or more accurate. Users can gain insight into market prices based on location, finishing, and property types.

Real Estate Property Market Prices
Feature 6

Real Estate Services Directory

Enjoy a full-scale real estate services directory ranging from architects, to construction companies, to furnishing and interior designers; among many others to contact real estate service providers easily.

Real Estate Services Directory
Feature 7

Real Estate Developers Profile

Users can check the developed projects and profiles of the real estate developers. Contact developers to inquire about specific properties or ask clarifying questions. Read all about 300+ developers and learn everything you need, to choose the partner you trust.

Real Estate Developers Profile
Feature 8

Mortgage and Installment Calculator

Plan ahead with the Mortgage and Installment Calculators. Let us do the math. Evaluate the most suitable payment plan based on total price, deposit amount, and payment duration.

Mortgage and Installment Calculator

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