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If you are looking for a luxury car to rent during your Dubai trip and want a comfortable ride for you and your family to travel in the UAE, then Ajar Car Rental is your one-stop solution. Ajar rents a car in the UAE and has a unique reputation for being one of Dubai’s leading premium car rental services.

Make your trip more special by renting a premium car service from AJAR Car Rental. The app has an extensive selection of premium cars in Dubai for every trip.

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Screen and Features

Easy to Get

Users will get Any car anytime, delivered on-demand with a tap on the mobile phone. It saves time, no more searching, no more paperwork, and cars are delivered to the doorstep in an easy, fast, and hassle-free way with an on-demand Ajar Car rental App.

Screen and Features

Easy to Pay

The app remains dedicated to making payment more effortless for the users as it accepts all credit and debit cards. Upload your card details on our protected platform and we will manage the other things.

Screen and Features


Users can access our site or Mobile App, and register themselves by Signing up. If a user is already a registered user, log in with the credentials. You can also book for rent a car as a guest user, by filling in the valid details at the time of booking. You will be asked for the below document at the time of picking up the car: 1) A full driver’s license is required 2) Your original ID Card 3) Passport

Screen and Features


Users can easily search locations by entering pick-up and drop-up Dates.

Screen and Features

Car Listing

Our excellent Dubai Car rental services offer users with the listings of the cares to pick the one that suits them the best.

Screen and Features

User Profile

A registered user will have his/her profile in the app with all the essential information. A user can upload a profile picture and edit personal details.

Screen and Features

My Bookings

A user will get the list of all the booked cars in the past and also get the details of upcoming rides.

Screen and Features


Without any incessant procedures or paperwork for payment, users can save their credit or debit card details in the app and pay quickly online.

Screen and Features

Extend Booking

Users can extend their active rentals seamlessly with our premium Ajar car rental app.

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