Why to go with NodeJS Development?

Node JS is an open-source cross-platform JS(JavaScript) which provides a run-time environment for Java Scripts to run on server-side. Typical NodeJS Development services helps in creating dynamic webpages on the server-side itself, i.e. before sending it the web-browser. This has helped programmers and coders around the world to stick to just one Scripting language to build dynamic web applications and write server-side scripts surrounding it.

NodeJS achieves efficiency and high-responsiveness through an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model enabling development of Web Servers in a rapid manner. NodeJS is considered to be one of the most popular and fundamental scripting languages to build robust network applications. It can handle many connections simultaneously. NodeJS goes on sleep mode if it doesn’t have any work to do (just like we humans).

Traditionally, Java Scripts were used for client-side scripting to run webpages on the client side. NodeJS applications can run on any web-servers like Linux, macOS, MS Windows, NonStop or Unix. It’s feasible to develop scalable applications using NodeJS as no function uses I/O directly and hence no processes get blocked.

Just like JavaScript, NodeJS is also embedded in an HTML code. Thus, HTML forms the fundamental element of Node to have a flowing interfacing and low overheads. This makes NodeJS forms the groundwork of web library or framework.

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How using NodeJS in your web apps will benefit your business?

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Speed like a Flash

With NodeJS at your rescue, your web apps achieve higher speed and better performance. Result is higher throughput because of NodeJS’s ability to handle parallel connections.

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Upgrade easily

Performing various operations like modifying database, network connections and file systems is easy. Google Chrome’s V8 allows scripts to run at a lightning speed.

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Want to create a real-time multi-user game or a chat application? NodeJS is the ultimate weapon to invade your critical and complex business needs into robust web apps

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Increased Productivity

NodeJS removes the inter-dependencies between frontend and backend developing teams. Hence, the development process becomes transparent, streamlined and faster.

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The Event Loop mechanism in NodeJS helps to resolve any complex or simple network issues faced by your web apps. It can manage rigorous asynchronous I/O tasks efficiently.

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Great Community

The NodeJS being an Opensource has a huge community comprised of coders & learners. They contribute great codes & modules (like Socket.io) to flourish, grow and make it a better place.

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Powerful NPM

With more than 60,000 modules created in Node Package Manager (NPM), web apps are enhancing their performances by managing inter-dependencies in efficient ways. It is growing consistently. through a great dependency

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Coding made easy

For coders and developers, web app development using NodeJS is like a piece of cake. As, JavaScript can be written for both client and server side, data trasnfers get convenient.

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