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At Silicon IT Hub we offer a range of software maintenance and support services to our business clients. Our top-class software maintenance services help our clients to focus on the core business areas without having to worry about the rest. We have gained years of experience in this field and have built a diverse skill-set that helps us cater to the changing business needs.

We follow the standard rules and best practices during software maintenance and support services to ensure all the software products are error-free and bug-free. We offer proactive maintenance service to our clients so that they can quickly deploy the project. The proactive or preventive maintenance service will anticipate issues within the software before they actually hit us hard and eliminate it in the process. Thereby, we thrive to offer continuous and long-term maintenance and support services to our clients so that they can stay competitive in the market.

Quality Assured Release Management

Through properly set rules we thrive towards carrying out streamlined execution cycles and deliver high-quality maintenance services.


Source Code Repository & Version Control

We focus on delivering unmatched services by engaging in an error-free source code repository and version control.


Excellent Technical Expertise

Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise in catering to different sizes and types of industries.


Smooth and Easy Technology Upgrade

We understand that technology upgrade is not easy and we do our best to offer you a smooth transition. So without causing any impact on the users, we help you get easy access to your backups and project management tools and get in business soon.

Why go for Software Maintenance and Support Services ?

Steps towards achieving quality and error-free solution


Bug Fixing

Software solution always comes with some errors, some evident while some gone unnoticed. However, they are capable enough to affect the software negatively. This is where you need software maintenance packages to fix those bugs and keep the software error-free.


Performance Improvement

It is important for the web or mobile application to deliver optimal performance all the time. Generally, the performance of the software gets affected with the increased number of users. So, the software maintenance programs focus on improving the performance and functionality of the software solution and thereby increasing its efficiency.


Cut Costs

Regular software maintenance services will cover bug fixes and all regular upgrades. So all you have to do is pay an annual maintenance fee and become stress-free. The best thing is that the annual packages for maintenance are attractive compared to the expense you would have otherwise spend in-house for the task.


Stay Updated

Technology keeps on changing frequently. So to keep yourself on top of everything, you need to update your software solution. Software maintenance services can help you keep up with the latest trends and enjoy its benefits.

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Getting continuous and professional support is inevitable to keep the software solution and the system going ahead as planned. We can help you and you know that! So why wait, just click here!

Our Software Maintenance and Support Services

To maximize business growth through enhanced ROI and customer satisfaction

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance service is all about avoiding issues rather than putting out fire later. With our preventive maintenance you can schedule maintenance as well as send in alerts to the team to complete the said task on time. The actions are planned by us based on the generated user feedback or by learning from previous issues.

Corrective Maintenance and Support

We offer corrective maintenance and support service to fix errors that come up in the software. The errors can be in the design or code or in the logic.

Adaptive Maintenance and Support

We help the software go through transformational changes by offering right adaptive maintenance and support services. We help with tasks like changes in hardware configuration, localization, changes in data format, integration with OS, etc.

Perfective Maintenance and Support

We understand that constant checking is important to maintain the software at its best. For the same, we regularly look for modifications, enhancements, and rectifications that need to be carried out.

Upgrades and Migration

We help you upgrade to a newer version or migrate to the latest technology as a part of our software maintenance and support services. We help you have a smoother transition so that your business is not affected.

System Monitoring

We help you monitor your hardware, applications and even the system performance so as to ensure it works as needed. So in case the defined thresholds gets passed we would alert the support team immediately to avoid situations like overloading of workstations, memory reaching full capacity or server going down.

Why Choose us for your Software Maintenance and Support Services?

We offer enhancements that help you improve productivity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.



We believe in delivering quality and we ensure to do the same with our software maintenance and support services. Our team will check every module in there for bugs and errors so that you can deploy your software solution with utmost confidence.


Quick Turnaround

We make use of the latest technology tools and this helps us to come up with faster solutions. This way we get to repair the inefficient modules in no time.


Robust Data Management Policy

All your confidential data is handled by our authorized professionals and it is protected under the NDA agreement. We make sure that your data does not move outside the work zone.


Scalable Services

We focus on offering agile software services to our clients. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in working on small and large organizations. We can easily shift our focus to core competencies and new technologies quickly.


Cost-Effective Service

We offer corrective maintenance and support service to fix errors that come up in the software. The errors can be in the design or code or in the logic.


Excellent Infrastructure

We are proud to say that we have built a strong infrastructure with amazing software maintenance tools and several testing suites. This helps our team to easily move the project to the latest technologies as well as carry out maintenance tasks diligently.


Skilled Team

We have a strong team of skilled software developers and testers who have the experience and expertise in working on different software maintenance projects. They can easily work on the latest technologies and tools so as to cater to the needs of the said business.


Round-the-Clock Support

Our software maintenance service is available 24*7 and we take up service requests any time. We offer a real-time resolution of issues, thereby cutting costs and saving time.

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