How Is Your Mobile App Design? Is it worth appreciating?

Mobile App Design
October 24, 2018

Mobile App Design – Vital and vivacious to the world. A mobile app can’t be perfect without a decent design. In a market, there are thousands and hundreds of mobile apps. All the apps do not perform well at the app stores. The mobile apps failure or success is wholly dependant on the end users. How users pick their choices and go for the decision to land their final choice.

A mobile application design should be in accordance with the users market. The viewers of the mobile app tend to finalize their approach mostly from a mobile app design. A design can be simple and decent but attractive though. We can’t leave them incomplete and just confusing. Because after all, what matters is, users, stay on your app. And that simply can be maintained by a flawless design coupled with a great performance.

Being in the place where we used to discuss and analyze the mobile app features and market for our product and services improvement, we’d like to comment/ discuss on some of the design perspectives for a mobile application.

We at our mobile app development company, work with many designers in-house and even freelancing, but what makes us sound interesting is our niche for professional graphic and UI designs. We do train our people to get the best out of the user interfaces for a mobile app. So without doing further ado, we’ve mentioned some of the mobile app design trends or you can call it deciding factors for whether a mobile app design is worth appreciating or not.

Understanding the Targeted Market

When you are designing for a mobile app whose target market is segmented into some age groups, you need to be more focused on what can be optimized as per the market. Designing the screens as per user mindset would win many likes. The users can be segmented into many age groups such as youngsters, aged people, and adults.

It can be different views from each age group as well as their interest in the app. Also, the app design can be categorized as per the purpose of a mobile app. The complete analysis of a mobile app design can be performed once the user market and purpose is well defined.

Functional Animation

An animation gives mobile app interface a different look and feel. The requirement of functional animation emerges for making users feel a real impact of app user interface. For example, if a user clicks on some feature or generates an event, it would be truly making a sense of clicking an element. This would be more interesting and giving a live experience of having an app. Animations are the prime part of any mobile application. Keeping the apps at the next level and always high on embarking the extraordinary image.

Writing a code? Why not for all?

This would be the challenging factor in designing a mobile app page. Designing a single page for an app is not an easy task. But would be definitely worth making if you are expert at writing code for all platforms with a single codebase. Yes, this is all about your design’s portability. Adjusting the sizes and usage patterns as per the different designs and layouts of devices would be more appreciative.

A developer should be switching between the platforms for analyzing the design ideas for an app. The platforms can be iPhone or an android. Switching between multiple platforms give an enhanced idea of improving on things. It would also make easy for the design edits where just minor changes make the same design for completely different platforms.

User Interface and User Experience

User interface and user experience are the two main aspects of any mobile app to be considered. A user has directly interacted with the app interface and what he experiences become the user experience.

A developer can control both UI and UX with a great sense of creativity. Does it need to be taken care that how an app should feel like when a user interacts? The easier the user interface would be, the number of users tends to approach. For example, the Android Operating System. Google has made Android in a way more simplistic manner that everyone interacts and would like to.

Keeping the user preferences in mind while developing app features, makes an app just flawless in performance. Making UX in a way that introduces more simplicity rather than the complex features, emerges out as the best app to deal with for end users.

So for the next time whenever you look at your mobile app design, do check for the imperatives listed above. There are yet many, but these are the ones that shouldn’t be missed out.

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