Celebrating womanhood is not just a gesture; it is about recognizing and appreciating the power and strength beneath them!

Irrespective of the country, culture, or religion, the role of women has always been significant in the society. In earlier times, they were the foundation of a family, later today, in this modern world; their role as professionals across different industry niches is commendable. Their strength and determination to reach newer heights by overcoming every obstacle coming in their way is a lesson for everyone.

Every year this special day is celebrated with lots of excitement, in an amazing way. We take this opportunity to express our respect towards “Naari Shakti” and their contribution towards the success of Silicon IT Hub.

This year we had no much celebration to mark the event. With very few women staff attending the office due to strict COVID-19 norms, celebration of big scale was avoided completely. Still, we did send greetings to the female staff to mark the event. Everyone was requested to come to office in Indian attire.

Later, there was cake cutting ceremony with the available female staff at the office.

Still, some of our female staff managed to have some level of celebration on their own.

The importance of women and their role to the society cannot be a celebration for a single day. It has to be remembered and admired each day, every day!