Every day is a good day for a pizza party. We at Silicon IT Hub are obsessed with pizza, As the saying goes, A slice of pizza a day keeps the sadness away.

The delicious starters such as Pasta with different flavors, pan veg noodles with Manchurian stir fry, fruit salad, corn, soup, and brownie awaited us to binge on with pleasant live music that created a perfect ambiance for the pizza party.

No party is complete without selfies, a mandatory ritual, and everyone at Silicon IT Hub loves to take selfies with their friends. Everyone took selfies with their friends while binging on their pizza. It was unlimited pizza, so we had a variety to choose from, such as Margherita pizza, spicy veg pizza, 4 in 1 pizza, special tune pizza, and tandoori paneer pizza. The stuffed Panini grilled sandwich was spicy but tasty.

Everyone had their fill with delicious pizzas, leaving the venue with an incredible and memorable evening that will forever be cherished by us.