Silicon IT Hub family had a huge celebration bliss recently on Saturday 2nd of March and it was significant enough to mark on the run. The excitement was indeed superb and worth capturing. The excitement for going early at home, prepping for the very next day and the morning was sensational.

As they say, “Work is worship and we should be worshipping every day but entertaining ourselves is a pure elixir

We followed the same and kickstarted the morning with some fresh air, loud music and cheery gathering.

Silicon IT Hub celebrated the remembrance at the flabbergasting Bansari Green Resort. It was a one day picnic for Silicon IT Hub. The amazing day was planned and organized by Mr.Smital Pandit and Mr.Hardik Jani. We are truly overwhelmed with the memories we’ve gathered there.


Here we depart!

It was a complete fun day and we didn’t want to make it in formals. We were all in a fancy looking casual dresses and touched office at 7 AM sharp. We were on time, of course, because of the far destination and our emerging excitements but definitely, there were some exceptions.

Some were late, too. And guess what? We kept calling, yielding and when they arrived finally, we scolded, too;) cause we couldn’t wait to kick off our special day!

The cars were ready to go and yes we cannot wait to capture moments and we did as we have waited for.


Enroute Destination

Yes, we were in different cars. In fact, we can call a series of cars! But yes, we did make it fun by mimicking, racing with each others’ cars, singing the songs, digging outside of the windows and whatnot!

The random cracking of jokes and senses of humour was the drunk of a day, of course!


Here We Go!
Here We Go!

The moment we have waited so far was not yet to come but arrived indeed and is in front of us.

Captured the pictures, saw the beauty of Bansari Green. Ahh! It was so mesmerizing. Everything was so beautiful, full of greenery, flowers and trees.

And we could not resist ourselves to capture the candids and poses.


Breakfast time
Breakfast  time

It was early morning and too early wake up for us. And everyone was ready to have a tasty breakfast after a long drive and some pictures.

Yes, it was great having it. Everyone had it so far and ready for the next thrilling move for the day!

Finally, the early morning hunger was satisfied with some appetizing breakfast.


Outdoor gaming? No Indoor was fun, too!
Outdoor gaming? No Indoor was fun, too!

The fun-loving place was having amazing outdoor gaming ground and we just grabbed it like anything.

Played volleyball and cricket. Enjoyed teeter-totter and swings. Everything was so perfect to capture around the place that we could not take our eyes off.

The resort has indoor gaming as well to add some thrill to the day. Yes, table-tennis, foosball, chess, carrom, pool and whatnot!

Great fun at playing those games, cheering out loud and capturing with no limits.

Yes, the day was really happening, but it was constant in head to not end up here and waiting for another picnic! Because the day was ending as time passes.


Flavoursome Lunch
Flavoursome Lunch  

The lunch dish was full of Gujarati and Punjabi items that everyone loved. Enjoyed every bite and captured the moments altogether.

It was fun cracking of random jokes, chitchatting and taking group selfies.


Guys can’t wait to Swim right there in the Pool!
Guys can’t wait to Swim right there in the Pool!

The pool was full of amusement when Siliconions dived in. In the mood of staying hours deep in the water, feeling cold in the summer and snatching cherry on the cake!


Evening Snack
Evening Snack!

Who is not hungry after swimming in the pool? Well, on that note, the snacks were ready on the table!


Moving Around the Chair
Moving Around the Chair & Outdoor fun, yet again!

It is always achievement and fun together when you play with your seniors, managers, colleagues and friends. We played musical chair in the lawn and Dj was indeed ready to make us move on its music.

Also, how could we forget to add some fun by playing King? Yeah, it was so enjoying to seize the ball and hit to your colleague cum friend. Thanks to HR team Ms. Vanita and Ms. Divyani for suggesting such a thrill and the whole Silicon team for backing the idea like anything:) Without these guys, those adorable moments couldn’t be possible!

We played. We yield. We won!


Dj The Disco
The Dj. The Disco. The Dance Floor & Lights!

The Dj was ready when we were moving around the chairs. We danced hard on the bits of music. Yes, the loud one, craziest one and we got insane!

The DJ party was hard enough to make us danced on the hip hops, pop music and Punjabi gaanas!

The showing off was indeed dazzling!


Delicious Dinner
Delicious Dinner

Spice N’ Sweet, Simple N’ Classic! The dinner was worth loving at the end of such a fun-loving day! Siliconions adored having it while watching Cricket 😉


Finally, leaving for the day and waiting for the next!
Finally, leaving for the day and waiting for the next!

And we left the place! All in everyone’s car, recalling the day, giving some rests to the cameras and of course, hoping the next picnic comes soon!