The 2nd of March 2019 was indeed a memorable day for the Silicon family as the entire team had an exciting recreational outing to the Bansari Green Resort.

It was a one day picnic which was fondly organised by our Directors, Mr. Smital Pandit and Mr. Hardik Jani. We started the day with a cheery gathering in the morning and loud music.

Here we depart!

Everybody gathered in the office by 7:30 am in smart casuals and were eagerly looking forward to depart for the picnic. With all our excitement, we left for the resort in our cars.

En route to the destination……

With the convoy of cars, the Silicon family had a lot of fun, en route to the beautiful resort. The fun included mimicry, car racing, singing songs and cracking jokes.


Here We Go!

Here We Go!

Time flew as we had fun on our way to the resort and before we could realize, we had reached our destination. The mesmerizing Bansari Resort was right in front of us.

After we reached, we captured the best of pictures of the lush green landscape, which had been beautifully adorned with colourful flowers, along with all the photography enthusiasts in the Silicon family, who love getting themselves clicked.


Breakfast time

Breakfast  time

After the early morning long drive, we went on to have an appetizing breakfast at the resort. We then waited eagerly to see what unfolded next.


Outdoor gaming? No Indoor was fun, too!

Gaming all the way……

The fun-filled resort had an exciting outdoor gaming ground and we took the opportunity to play volleyball and cricket there. We also enjoyed going on the see-saw and the swings there. The fun-filled activities amidst nature added to the charm in the resort.

After the outdoor thrill, we moved indoors seeking for more fun and played table-tennis, foosball, chess, carrom, pool and some more indoor games.


Flavoursome Lunch

Flavoursome lunch 

The outdoor and indoor cheer was followed by a flavoursome lunch which had Gujarati and Punjabi cuisines, which was savoured by each and everyone, followed by some chit-chatting and group photos.


Guys can’t wait to Swim right there in the Pool!

Relaxing in the pool…..

Lunch was then followed by a relaxing dip in the pool. Nobody wanted to miss the opportunity to be in the cold water, given the hot weather. Everyone spent hours relaxing in the pool.


Evening Snack

Time for some evening snack!

The hunger after being away for long hours in the pool was perished by snacks which were there waiting for us at the buffet table.


Dj The Disco

Followed by some more outdoor fun and a rockin DJ…..

Fun never seems to end when we are on a picnic with our colleagues. Evening snacks was followed by  joyous games like musical chairs and king, which concluded with a rocking DJ in the lawn.


Delicious Dinner

Delicious dinner

After dancing to the beat of the hip hops, pop music and Punjabi songs, we had a mouth watering dinner treat.


Finally, leaving for the day and waiting for the next!

Bidding farewell to all the frolic…..

We all left from the resort after all the fun, which was finally concluded by a sumptuous dinner.

Kudos to the rocking HR team at Silicon IT Hub, who played a significant role in organising this picnic. These memorable moments wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts taken by them.

It was truly overwhelming to be a part of all the fun and cherish all the memories that we’ve gathered.

Looking forward to more of such exciting outings!