Whether you call it the harvest festival or the festival of colours, Holi is definitely something that brings us together and binds us in different shades. When it comes to bringing out the excitement, happiness, and laughter from its people; Silicon IT Hub has its own way of doing things.

Holi celebration 2020 was not much different in this stance!

Life was normal after a the long weekend at Silicon on Monday 9th March and people were going through ‘Monday Blues’ and yes, of course with butterflies in their tummies to celebrate Holi the next day!

Out of the blue, HR came on the floor with colours in their hands! People were all surprised and happy at the same moment. You should have seen the faces! Must say – a perfect moment for those surprise clicks!

They went from desk to desk and applied colors on the faces of each team member and wished them the joyous festival. People even reciprocated back and applied colours on the face of HR team. You should have seen their faces too!!! Nothing less than a rainbow!!!

People in the conference room were not spared too!!! (Psst… no pun intended)
Meeting was interrupted with a lovely gesture made by the HR team. They just stopped by to wish everyone the best of Holi festival and even applied some of the colours on their faces! You know it always feels good to see smiles in between some serious talks!

After that everyone gathered in the common plot outside the office and enjoyed playing with each other with colours. Water was splashed on everyone and it was one of the joyous moments of the evening.
How can we forget the selfies! Yes, people did take out their phones to capture one of the best days of their lives!

Even our Directors, Hardik Sir and Smital Sir and the company CEO, Umang Sir took some time off from their work and joined the team in the celebration. Truly, celebrations are more of communicating and connecting with people and it can be no better than such an event!!!

We hope to see such more ‘days’ in the days ahead of Silicon – leading to new memories and vibrant thoughts!!!
So, that’s all for now folks….. Will be back with some exciting new events in the days ahead!!!!