Getting decked up with a Christmas Tree, preparing cakes and desserts, offering prayers at the church during the midnight mass, and spending the day with family and loved ones define Christmas day for most families. Christmas is celebrated religiously by a majority of Christians and culturally by many non-Christians.

Just as Christmas arrives, Silicon IT Hub is clad in festive spirits as we prepare for the Christmas celebrations on 25th December by decorating the entire office. We brought our own Christmas tree, which we decorated with colorful lights, bells, balloons, gifts, and candies. As a part of the Secret Santa event, everyone submitted their presents to the management one day before Christmas.

On 25th December, everyone wore a red, white, and green dress as part of the dress code for the Christmas celebrations. At 5:30 pm, the management hosted the Secret Santa game to distribute gifts and celebrate the spirit of Christmas in the office. Everyone assembled and formed a circle in the office, and Keyur surprised everyone by dressing as the Santa Claus. He had a bag full of chocolates that he distributed to everyone at the office.

The Secret Santa event began around 6:00 pm where each time a gift would be picked up, and the participants would pass it to each other until the music kept playing, once the music stopped, the one who was holding the gift during that time was declared the winner. Although due to the happy atmosphere, nobody was able to listen to music, hence the management went for the traditional style of utilizing silver spoon bells to start the game.

There was immense happiness in people’s faces as they received their gifts, and they took photos with it to show others what they have got from the secret Santa. Once everyone got their presents, they got another surprise in the form of a delicious treat of McBurger and a soft drink to binge on. The event wrapped up 7:30 pm, and everyone left for their home with a big smile.

The Silicon family had a great time celebrating Christmas day. On behalf of our entire family, we wish you a Merry Christmas.