25th December, which marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas by Christians all over the world.
India being a multicultural country celebrates every festival, be it Diwali, Holi, or Eid, with lots of joy and enthusiasm.

Though Christmas is a Christian festival but the joy and happiness associated with the festival makes it a festival of many non-Christian communities too.

Just like other festivals, Christmas too is a colorful festival. Local stores, markets, and malls are draped in multicolored twinkling fairy lights and decorative items ranging from paper streamers, flowers, sparkling tinsels, colourful Christmas bells and stars.

Indians are famously known for celebrating every festival with lights and colours, and Christmas is no different. Churches in India are decorated using stunning lights to make them look spectacular in the night.

At Silicon IT Hub, we prepared for the Christmas celebrations one day prior by decorating the office with colourful balloons, stars and a Christmas tree as it is believed that Christmas trees bring positive energy, and Christmas celebrations are incomplete without it. We decorated the tree with colourful tinsels, bells, stars, balloons, lights, gifts, candies and draping some cotton wool all over the tree to depict the snow-covered evergreens and make it look more realistic.

The Silicon family had a gala time on Christmas. Everyone came dressed in their best finery in red or white colour (that was the dress code given to them), to the office and joined in the festivities. We began the celebrations by playing the Secret Santa game, which turned out to be really exciting with the variety of presents that were shared during the game. The Secret Santa fun was then followed by cheery music.

One of the best things about working at Silicon IT Hub is that work and celebration go hand in hand, which makes it a very exciting place to work at!