There has been a long pause in our worlds since the pandemic hit our lives full-fledge in March last year. Since then, everything was about staying indoors, maintaining social distancing and yes, living isolated lives.

Just like other firms, we also started our office after a few months of lockdown with minimum staff by following the government norms. It was the first step towards getting back to normal life but with lots of precautions. Still, celebrations of any kind were a distant dream for us!

However, things took a small change in the first week of February!

After such a long break, we had our first post-COVID-19 celebration in the office!

It was a small, humble, and simple birthday celebration of one of our directors Mr. Hardik Jani who has his birthday on 4th Feb.

The event was not actually planned by the HR department as most of our employees are still working from their homes. Moreover, it was not thought to be apt in the current scenario.

However, one of our new employees, Abhijna Pathak who recently joined Silicon IT Hub as business analyst was not ready to let this day pass by just like any other day. He wanted to do something and make this day special!

Even though much was not planned for the day in advance, Abhijna started to go ahead with the planning utilizing the limited time and resources. Everybody else joined him in his mission soon.😀

As a part of the event, our other director Mr. Smital Pandit, along with some of our other loved members like Mr. Umang Joshi, Mr. Jaymin Gajjar, Mr. Ujas Patel, Swati Modi, Mr. Dilip Patel, Mr. Varun Jayswal, Mr. Jwalin Shah and Mr. Amit who have worked with Sir came up with speeches to honour him, share experiences, and wish him good luck on his special day. Something that resonated in their speeches was the true character of Hardik sir and how they all valued it. His calmness, simplicity, advices on personal and professional fronts- everything influenced others and this was clearly pointed out in their words.

At the initial level, no birthday celebrations was planned by the HR department as Hardik Sir himself was not feeling it right to have the celebrations as the entire hub was not present. Later the occasion was celebrated only after our new employee Abhijna insisted on having at least a simple event for the day. The whole event lasted just for an hour and more.

Cake cutting was part of the birthday celebration. During that time Ms. Kajal, Project Manager at Silicon IT Hub sang some of the lovely heart-touching songs for sir like “Zindagi ek safar he suhana…” “Hoton se chulo tum, mera geet amar kar do….”

Last, but not the least, Abhijna had a special gift for the birthday person! During the ‘aarti’ inside sir’s office, he played flute and dedicated it to sir. This was the most beautiful moment of the day!


Even though the event was short and simple with very few people being part of it, yet it was one of the most beautiful days at Silicon IT HUB.

This fun-filled day could not have happened if not for the combined efforts of our HR department along with Abhinja.