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We are providing the following incentives

To help you overcome the challenging situation due to COVID-19.

In the current situation, there is a shortage of resources. Completing the projects is getting difficult due to resource fluctuations. By availing of this incentive, you won't have to worry about the completion of your project. We cover every type of web and mobile development projects.

Web Development

Are your web development projects getting stalled due to the COVID-19 outbreak? Worry not, we are here for you. To ensure your projects get completed without any roadblocks, we are bringing forth these incentives to support you in this tough time.

Mobile App Development

We know what it takes to build an ideal app. If you are having difficulties in getting your app complete due to the non-availability of developers, then this incentive is for you, avail it now, and we will take care of the rest.

Digital Marketing

With quarantine in effect, we want to help global businesses in maintaining the traffic and conversions of their website. By availing of this incentive, We will ensure that the COVID-19 doesn't affect your online marketing services.


Silicon's new incentive during the COVID-19 outbreak will enable you to hire a talented pool of full-stack developers who are proficient in Blockchain technologies. We will ensure that your project gets completed seamlessly in these trying times.


Our incentive aims to help global businesses face the myriad of challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak has created in front of us. Through this incentive, Silicon's IoT services want to deliver innovatively powered solutions to those who are currently struggling to operate in the current crisis.

We want to empower your businesses.

In these uncertain times, businesses are facing a myriad of challenges on the horizon. Silicon, with its dynamic services, will help your business succeed in these trying times.

Silicon IT Hubis there for you.

Our organization is fully equipped and ready to assist through remote working. We will answer all your queries, give guidance, and provide the best practices for your organization.

Connect with us through our cloud-based services.

Our organization can connect with you through various cloud-based solutions.

  • Whatsapp for voice calls through our mobile phones. You can also text message us.
  • Skype for video and voice one-to-one and group calls. You can also share files with us.
  • Live phone call.
  • We have office 365 from which you can share files through email.

We can provide uninterrupted work through our remote working systems, and from our office. Silicon is committed to helping global businesses in this challenging period. Our team is more than happy to guide you and take your calls should your business require assistance.

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