How to Build an Emoji Keyboard App?

How to Build an Emoji Keyboard App?

By Silicon SEO / June 1, 2021

The development of emoji keyboard apps has been high on the hog in the past several years. Businesses are being interested in emoji apps with every innovation in the mobile app development industry as these apps are streamlining the ways people are texting. Emojis are nowadays a remarkably ordinary approach to digital communication. Apple and…

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What Does In-App Purchases Mean

What Does In-App Purchases Mean?

By Silicon SEO / May 27, 2021

Whether it’s Google Play or the iOS App Store, you can see multiple apps which users can download for free. But that does not mean it will not cost you anything. These so-called free apps have hidden charges, and that is exactly known as in-app purchases.  Let’s understand What are In-App Purchases (IAP) in detail. …

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Alternative App Stores

Top Alternative app stores for Google Play Store and Apple App Store

By Silicon SEO / May 10, 2021

It is a fact that we are dependent on mobile applications these days. For the same, we keep on visiting Google Play Store and Apple App Store from time to time. The main reason for it is that the apps are popular and they are secure to use. Moreover, most of them are pre-installed on…

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Reasons An iOS App Gets Rejected On Apple’s App Store

Top Reasons An iOS App Gets Rejected On Apple’s App Store

By Silicon SEO / April 30, 2021

As per TechCrunch, there will be more than 5 million apps in Apple’s App Store by 2020. When we talk about Apple, App Store is an important medium of business for them and as per the report of Slate, they managed to make around $38.5 billion as revenue in 2017. This clearly means that a…

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App store Optimization Checklist

App Store Optimization: A Comprehensive Checklist for a Successful App Launch

By Silicon SEO / December 18, 2019

App Store Optimization (ASO) makes the apps discoverable in the app store searches. The apps would not be installed if it is not found by the right users. Therefore, ASO helps to prevent your app from getting unnoticed from among the innumerable apps that are competing to be at the top in the app store searches.

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Android to iOS Porting

Top Considerations to note for “Android to iOS Porting”!

By Silicon SEO / April 18, 2019

Android & iOS – sharing most of the market share and engaging people in using a diverse range of mobile applications on their platforms.

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iOS App Development Trends 2019

Waving at the year 2019: Top iOS App Development Trends To Watch!

By Silicon SEO / March 11, 2019

iOS is always ahead of everything. Bringing the features out for the upcoming year or making some news.

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iOS App Development

Heading For iOS App Development? Here’s All About To Know!

By Silicon SEO / October 29, 2018

SmartPhones have brought many trends and alterations in human life. We haven’t thought of such a drastic change in people’s everyday life with this invention.

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iOS App getting rejected?

Your iOS App is continuously getting rejected – Here’s why?

By Silicon SEO / July 10, 2018

let’s have a quick look at what Apple sees in your app to be rejected? And why ?

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