travel app ideas

Best Travel App Ideas to try out For Your Startups

By Silicon SEO / November 4, 2020

Every business is woven around a strong idea and things are not much different in the case of the travel industry. You either come up with a fresh new idea or work on the same old one by bringing in some good changes.

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best angel investors

Top Angel Investors to Look For Your Startup

By Silicon SEO / October 13, 2020

You may have put the first foundation stone for your business idea by raising funds from people you know like your family or friends, or even from your savings.

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location based app ideas

Geo Location Based App Ideas for startups in 2020

By Silicon SEO / April 29, 2020

These location-based apps are used by people daily to enjoy a comfortable life. Mobile apps have dominated our world and location-based apps have transformed the way we live.

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13 fintech examples

13 Fintech Apps that may Inspire Your Startup

By Silicon SEO / January 2, 2020

Fintech apps (also known as financial technology apps) are popular today as they have changed the way businesses function. Electronic transactions have become much easier for people due to this industry.

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Go Language Programming

Have you started using the GoLang for next Web Application Project?

By Silicon SEO / February 14, 2019

Web developers’ big fuss is to decide the technology for a particular project. And there are so many options for making things done in programming.

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