Real estate app development

Real Estate App Development: Must-Have Features and Functionalities

By Silicon SEO / May 27, 2020

Today smartphones and mobile applications play a big role in leading our lives. Businesses today consider mobile applications to be the most effective marketing tool. Mobile applications help businesses with lead generation all the while boosting traffic.

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location based app ideas

Geo Location Based App Ideas for startups in 2020

By Silicon SEO / April 29, 2020

These location-based apps are used by people daily to enjoy a comfortable life. Mobile apps have dominated our world and location-based apps have transformed the way we live.

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mobile app documents

How to Prepare a Mobile App Requirements Document?

By Silicon SEO / April 15, 2020

For an app development journey, the product requirement documentation (PRD) plays a key role. It helps to define the functionalities, features, and specifications that need to be followed at every stage of development.

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covid 19 outbreak

How the COVID-19 Outbreak Influenced Mobile App Industry?

By Silicon SEO / April 9, 2020

The world economy has fallen hard and its impact has started to affect the lives of people. There has been a tremendous effect of the virus outbreak on different industries spread around the world.

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time to develop mobile app

How long does a Mobile App Development Project Take to Complete?

By Silicon SEO / April 1, 2020

So, here in this article, we will be discussing the various aspects of mobile app development, which affect the time and effort taken to complete the app project. Keep reading to know more!

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mobile apps with ionic framework

Top 15 Mobile Apps built on the Ionic Framework

By Silicon SEO / March 12, 2020

Building native apps for Android and iOS is still prevalent in the market, while many believe that the future of app development is hybrid apps. Ionic is a popular open-source framework that can be used to build cross-platform mobile applications.

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app funding; Best ways to raise your capital

App Funding: Best ways to raise your capital

By Silicon SEO / February 19, 2020

Once you have got a great idea to build an app then the next thing to worry about is getting funds for the app. This is quite important as you need to spend money on resources like software tools to be used in the development as well as on the developers you need to hire.

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MVP vs prototype

MVP V/s Prototype: Make the Right Choice for Your Project

By Silicon SEO / February 12, 2020

MVP and prototype are considered as two effective approaches that you can opt for product launch; however, they work at different stages of the development. Many a time people get confused between both the terms.

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App store Optimization Checklist

App Store Optimization: A Comprehensive Checklist for a Successful App Launch

By Silicon SEO / December 18, 2019

App Store Optimization (ASO) makes the apps discoverable in the app store searches. The apps would not be installed if it is not found by the right users. Therefore, ASO helps to prevent your app from getting unnoticed from among the innumerable apps that are competing to be at the top in the app store searches.

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Best progressive web apps

10 Best Progressive Web Apps (PWA) That Can Inspire You!

By Silicon SEO / December 4, 2019

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) integrate the key features of mobile websites with native applications. They are websites that appear similar to and function like an application, which implies that users can get access to all the information and features without installing the mobile application.

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