Push Notifications – All you Need to Boost User Experience

By Silicon SEO / June 15, 2021

There is no secret that the world is changing each day to keep pace with mobile technologies. As a business person, you need to comprehend these transformations and revolutionize consequently. Your customers are leveraging mobile devices to dominate the technology, and that is where you need to put effort to target them. So those who…

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Single Page Application

Why Single Page Application is All You Need for a Seamless User Experience?

By Silicon SEO / June 8, 2021

Single Page Application (SPA) is the best choice for your business if you are eager to deliver appealing, unique, and persistent user experience through your application. Nowadays, being user-centric and sustainable is the only way to achieve your business objectives. That is the reason plenty of organizations are transforming towards Single Page App Development. They…

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How to Develop a Car Parking Mobile App

How to Develop a Car Parking Mobile App that Delights Users?

By Silicon SEO / May 20, 2021

You must have experienced an annoying situation when you can’t get a space for your car parking for a really long time. Heavy traffic and a limited number of parking lots are one of the most irritating situations nowadays and even terrible when parking is needed at the last moment. Hunting for a free parking…

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Alternative App Stores

Top Alternative app stores for Google Play Store and Apple App Store

By Silicon SEO / May 10, 2021

It is a fact that we are dependent on mobile applications these days. For the same, we keep on visiting Google Play Store and Apple App Store from time to time. The main reason for it is that the apps are popular and they are secure to use. Moreover, most of them are pre-installed on…

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Reasons An iOS App Gets Rejected On Apple’s App Store

Top Reasons An iOS App Gets Rejected On Apple’s App Store

By Silicon SEO / April 30, 2021

As per TechCrunch, there will be more than 5 million apps in Apple’s App Store by 2020. When we talk about Apple, App Store is an important medium of business for them and as per the report of Slate, they managed to make around $38.5 billion as revenue in 2017. This clearly means that a…

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Healthcare Business

Top Innovative App Ideas for Successful Healthcare Business

By Silicon SEO / April 27, 2021

Smartphones and a range of gadgets have become daily life partner for many. This is the reason why people depend on mobile applications for finding solutions for different health issues. As per a report of Grand View Research, the global mHealth market size is expected to reach in 2027 by USD 316.8 billion. Every year…

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google cloud firestore

Google Cloud Firestore: Why Choose It For Mobile App Development

By Silicon SEO / April 5, 2021

It is a fact that we already have several prominent databases available in the market to be used for web and mobile development. Some of such names that comes to the mind first are Redis, Amazon Dynamo DB, and Firebase Realtime Database from Google itself!  So what inspired Google to come up with cloud Firestore…

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Salon and Spa Booking App Benefits and Features

Salon and Spa Booking App: Benefits and Features

By Silicon SEO / April 2, 2021

Salon visits are no more a luxury today. People tend to spend a lot of time and money on salon and spa affairs. However, last-minute appointments can seem to be a dreadful and uncomfortable thing for many. Things have changed much with time and the same can be seen in case of scheduling appointments for…

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protect your app idea

App Concept Copyright: Top Ways to Protect Your App Idea

By Silicon SEO / March 18, 2021

A large number of mobile applications have made it through app stores and turned out to be a huge success. The popularity of mobile applications is all-time high now and the trend is said to stay here in the near future too. Mobile app downloads have been steadily increasing and it is expected to reach…

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pick perfect app name

How To Pick The Perfect App Name

By Silicon SEO / December 24, 2020

Just putting in all efforts to come up with a distinctive mobile application is not enough to make great revenue. It is more important that you come up with an app name that is quite appealing and can easily click within the potential app users.

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