Mobile app features

15 Features to Make your Mobile App Stand Out

By Silicon SEO / September 10, 2021

Introduction The competition has become intense with the growing technologies and emerging applications in the tech market. In the era of mobile apps, it is truly said that you can skyrocket your business with a well-built mobile application. We know today, you get everything with just one click sitting on your couch. It is all…

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15 Angular App Examples

15 Angular App Examples to Inspire Your App Design

By Silicon SEO / August 26, 2021

Introduction Among other frameworks, Angular has gained remarkable popularity in recent times. It is a widespread framework used by developers to build web and other applications. Due to the unique features and easy-to-understand language, a majority of developers have shifted to Angular. With Angular, programmers can automate the software development process, thereby improving the quality…

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Request for proposal

How to Write Mobile App RFP [Download PDF]?

By Silicon SEO / August 21, 2021

Introduction When you own a business and think of having a mobile app to aid your trade, you may need to hire development services from a development agency. In this case, you may have ‘n’ number of questions in your mind related to services, team, deadline, and others. You may want to list down those…

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Jira vs Asana vs Trello

Jira Vs Asana Vs Trello- Which one is better?

By Silicon SEO / August 17, 2021

Introduction Project management software offers solutions to help you manage your projects efficiently. Within this software, you can create tasks, and add details to them, along with specific instructions. Further, you can assign these tasks to relevant workers with instructions set within the software. Every project management software performs the tasks mentioned above. However, how…

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Kotlin Vs Flutter Technology

Kotlin Vs Flutter-Which Technology will Rule in 2021

By Silicon SEO / August 11, 2021

Mobile applications have affected our lives tremendously by all means. They have become an integral part of our modern lives, as they help us accomplish a majority of our day-to-day tasks. Speaking of our routine lives, a maximum number of times, we use our mobile phones to meet our daily tasks such as paying bills,…

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Develop an uber like Taxi App

How to Make an Uber like App? [Cost Bifurcation]

By Silicon SEO / August 5, 2021

It is not surprising that after such a whopping success of Uber, plenty of startups and entrepreneurs are keen to take a deep dive into the on-demand Uber-like app business. Not only investment, but they are implementing the same strategy to hit the jackpot.  On-demand taxi booking app development is the first choice for startups…

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Amazon DynamoDB

Why is Amazon DynamoDB a Perfect Choice for Data Management?

By Silicon SEO / July 27, 2021

DynamoDB is one of the renowned services of Amazon Web Services(AWS). Some big names such as Snapchat, Netflix, and The Pokemon Company are leveraging DynamoDB for their database-relevant needs.  It’s quite easy to set up and configure DynamoDB and you can integrate it with multiple web-based apps without any hassle. Whether it’s Gaming, Ad Tech,…

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What is Technology Stack? How to Opt for the Best One?

What is Technology Stack? How to Opt for the Best One?

By Silicon SEO / July 21, 2021

Web or mobile application development depends on numerous aspects. A tech stack and smart tools are one of them. If you are keen to provide the best software solutions, you need to pick the right technology to ensure high product quality and end-user satisfaction.  Founders, especially the ones without a tech background will have to…

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Top Wearable Apps

Top Wearable Apps to Consider in 2021

By Silicon SEO / July 16, 2021

Smartwatch wearables came into the limelight by Samsung when it launched its Samsung Galaxy Gear in the year 2013. Apple analyzed this and promptly initiated its own R&D, which brought an Apple Watch to the table in 2015. Smartwatch wearables are now observing the same trend as smartphones when it comes to reputation as wearable…

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Education Mobile App Development Features

Must-Have Features In Education Mobile App To Make Learning Simpler

By Silicon SEO / July 6, 2021

Businesses are seeing a very high demand for education apps but only the top mobile app development company can help you with the customization and unique features that will address all your expectations.  The education sector has seen a noticeable growth in educational norms, advancements, and modernization in recent years. Schools and other educational institutions…

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