Internet of Things

Raspberry Pi and IoT

Top Innovative Projects Based On Raspberry Pi and IoT

By Silicon SEO / April 20, 2021

When we talk of innovative technologies in the market, the Internet of Things is something that comes to our mind first. IoT is said to have a crucial role in developing smart systems, connecting different things with one another and making them react as expected in real-time. Whether it is about smart homes or smarter…

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Best IoT Platforms

Best IoT Platforms to Try For Your Business In 2021

By Silicon SEO / April 15, 2021

Today the Internet of Things is not a new term and now we have a new ecosystem around us that has been developed through the merger of the Internet of Things with the things present in the physical world. Many industries across the globe are experiencing this trend and following it for their own benefits…

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iomt types and benefits

IoMT: A Brief about Its Types and Benefits

By Silicon SEO / March 17, 2021

IoMT (stands for Internet of Medical Things) is a connected environment made up of software applications, medical devices, and a set of health systems. It is made up of large volumes of sensor-based tools, which include standalone devices and wearables that can be used for remote monitoring of patients. IoMT is also known as Healthcare…

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Emerging IoT Trends

Top IoT Trends That May Emerge In the Next Decade

By Silicon SEO / December 16, 2020

If we take a sneak peek into the last decade, one of the significant technological advancements that we witnessed was the adoption of IoT on a large scale. When we say the large scale adoption, we are talking about industries and enterprises. Over the years, more IoT devices have been used by people and so…

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IoT Security Issues

IoT Security Issues That May Leave Your Business Vulnerable

By Silicon SEO / May 21, 2020

The way the internet is used and different services are accessed have changed drastically with the introduction of the Internet of Things at the industry-level.

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IoT in healthcare

IoT in Healthcare: Benefits, Challenges and Use Cases

By Silicon SEO / April 21, 2020

Before the introduction of IoT in the healthcare sector, patient care was all about hospital visits, and to the most to calls and text messages. This way it was not possible for the doctors to monitor the health of the patients continuously and assist them whenever needed.

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smart factory using IoT

Industry 4.0: Enabling Smart Factory with Smart Manufacturing

By Silicon SEO / March 25, 2020

The industrial IoT technology has evolved ever since the intelligent algorithm-based automation for manufacturing has gained advancements.

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iot on oil and gas

IoT in Oil and Gas industry: An Innovative Revolutionary Step

By Silicon SEO / January 28, 2020

Mitigating the challenges in the oil and gas industry is the first step that these companies need to take to make their business sustainable and profitable. So, let’s follow this post to know more about the same.

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5G and IoT

5G and IOT – A Dawn of a New Era

By Silicon SEO / January 8, 2020

5G (Fifth-generation) mobile networks are going to be a giant leap in mobile broadband. IoT offers immense advantages for 5G in education, health care, transportation, and energy.

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Internet Of Things

Internet of Things & Automotive Industry: Introduction to Essentials!

By Silicon SEO / May 15, 2019

Emerging technologies like the internet of things and artificial intelligence have transformed everything from top to bottom.

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