Product Development Strategy

Significance of Product Development Strategy

By Silicon SEO / November 8, 2021

Introduction The emergence of various technologies has brought drastic changes in the market. Every day new products enter the market with the growing need for better product development. Factors such as features, product type, type of industry, and others play a vital role in this direction. In such a situation, you need to have an…

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Remote Staffing vs Outsourcing

Remote Staffing Vs Outsourcing- Which One is Better?

By Silicon SEO / September 29, 2021

With the increasing competition, businesses have started to focus more on significant aspects of a trade by diverting their tasks to a remote team. Since then, remote staffing and outsourcing have become prominent in industries. Both these terms have become outstanding options to make it easier for them to concentrate on more significant tasks. Remote…

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Scrum Master vs Project Manager

Scrum Master Vs Project Manager – Differences & Responsibilities

By Silicon SEO / September 20, 2021

Often in the IT industry, we come across terminologies; Scrum Master vs Project Manager. These terms frequently confuse people, and they think that both of them are the same and can be used interchangeably. However, it is not the truth.  Many times, people come across these questions; what if both these roles are the same,…

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Agile vs Waterfall

Agile Vs Waterfall – Which One is Better for Your Project?

By Silicon SEO / September 8, 2021

With the increasing competition and emergence of the latest technologies, we witness the launch of a wide array of mobile and web applications. Every day, new apps take their place in play stores, facilitating our lives in numerous ways. However, when we speak about these applications, the core of their development lies with those hardworking…

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10 Useful Tips to Hire an Offshore Development Team for your Project

By Silicon SEO / September 1, 2021

Introduction Businesses have various significant tasks in routine. Besides, a mobile and web app development company undertakes a wide range of development projects. With the increasing competition and load of tasks, companies hire offshore development teams to accomplish big projects. The IT and programming sectors take the utmost advantage of outsourcing, as it is one…

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15 Angular App Examples

15 Angular App Examples to Inspire Your App Design

By Silicon SEO / August 26, 2021

Introduction Among other frameworks, Angular has gained remarkable popularity in recent times. It is a widespread framework used by developers to build web and other applications. Due to the unique features and easy-to-understand language, a majority of developers have shifted to Angular. With Angular, programmers can automate the software development process, thereby improving the quality…

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Kotlin Vs Flutter Technology

Kotlin Vs Flutter-Which Technology will Rule in 2021

By Silicon SEO / August 11, 2021

Mobile applications have affected our lives tremendously by all means. They have become an integral part of our modern lives, as they help us accomplish a majority of our day-to-day tasks. Speaking of our routine lives, a maximum number of times, we use our mobile phones to meet our daily tasks such as paying bills,…

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Develop an uber like Taxi App

How to Make an Uber like App? [Cost Bifurcation]

By Silicon SEO / August 5, 2021

It is not surprising that after such a whopping success of Uber, plenty of startups and entrepreneurs are keen to take a deep dive into the on-demand Uber-like app business. Not only investment, but they are implementing the same strategy to hit the jackpot.  On-demand taxi booking app development is the first choice for startups…

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which is Better Node.Js or PHH

Which is Better, Node.Js or PHP? Why?

By Silicon SEO / July 31, 2021

Generally, backend programmers are the ones who have to deal with the difficulty of choosing between PHP and Node.js. There are specific reasons why they have to face this situation.  In the old days, JavaScript did not intersect with PHP. JavaScript function for the front-end app development and PHP functions for server-side app development. When…

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Amazon DynamoDB

Why is Amazon DynamoDB a Perfect Choice for Data Management?

By Silicon SEO / July 27, 2021

DynamoDB is one of the renowned services of Amazon Web Services(AWS). Some big names such as Snapchat, Netflix, and The Pokemon Company are leveraging DynamoDB for their database-relevant needs.  It’s quite easy to set up and configure DynamoDB and you can integrate it with multiple web-based apps without any hassle. Whether it’s Gaming, Ad Tech,…

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