Prominent Mobile UI Trends To Follow In 2021

By Silicon SEO / November 13, 2019

The mobile user interface (UI) refers to the system-controlled features that appear on the screen and are used to navigate the apps. You should not only focus on new technology as a profitable company, but also ensure that you are prepared to face new challenges in advance.

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best wireframe tools

Best Wireframe Tools

By Silicon SEO / October 10, 2019

A wireframe tool majorly helps web developers and web designers to a great extent, by designing an initial framework of the web page, without any of the UI elements, like icons, fonts, and logos.

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UI Trends 2019

Curious to Welcome 2019? Welcome with 2019’s Top UI Trends!

By Silicon SEO / December 14, 2018

In between the highly raised competitions of mobile applications, let’s not be in depressions and bad review listers.

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Mobile App Design

How Is Your Mobile App Design? Is it worth appreciating?

By Silicon SEO / October 24, 2018

Mobile App Design – Vital and vivacious to the world. A mobile app can’t be perfect without a decent design.

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Top eCommerce Website Design Trends For 2021

By Silicon SEO / October 17, 2018

eCommerce – becoming one of the largest trade and demand of end users by the time.

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UX Design

Does Your Mobile App Score 100 at User Experience?

By Silicon SEO / July 5, 2018

User experience – The first thing that users interract with is User Experience.
A compelling UX speaks louder than the UI.

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UX Design

Five Website UX Design Data and Statistics That Prove Its Importance for Companies

By silicon / March 1, 2018

There was a time when creating a website and making it go live used to create a big gaga among the internet.

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