Amazon DynamoDB

Why is Amazon DynamoDB a Perfect Choice for Data Management?

By Silicon SEO / July 27, 2021

DynamoDB is one of the renowned services of Amazon Web Services(AWS). Some big names such as Snapchat, Netflix, and The Pokemon Company are leveraging DynamoDB for their database-relevant needs.  It’s quite easy to set up and configure DynamoDB and you can integrate it with multiple web-based apps without any hassle. Whether it’s Gaming, Ad Tech,…

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IoT Platform ThingWorx VS AWS

ThingWorx V/S AWS IoT: A Comparison You Need To Know

By Silicon SEO / July 13, 2021

With technologies like AR, VR, and IoT becoming kind of popular and omnipresent in the market these days, choosing the right cloud computing platform to run their operations has become inevitable. The solution you choose can decide whether you break or make your project. You need to find the right cloud computing platform which can…

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Emerging Technologies Influencing the Government Agencies

How are Emerging Technologies Influencing the Government Agencies?

By Silicon SEO / July 1, 2021

You can look around and see countless examples of how technology is transforming an individual’s life thoroughly. Day by day, technology is changing and mobile applications are changing. Pioneering organizations, including governments, realize technological forces that are beneficial to customers and citizens.  Organizations in Government and public sectors acknowledge automation’s significance that boosts work efficiency…

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google cloud firestore

Google Cloud Firestore: Why Choose It For Mobile App Development

By Silicon SEO / April 5, 2021

It is a fact that we already have several prominent databases available in the market to be used for web and mobile development. Some of such names that comes to the mind first are Redis, Amazon Dynamo DB, and Firebase Realtime Database from Google itself!  So what inspired Google to come up with cloud Firestore…

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