Sports Ksnn

Sports Ksnn is a mobile sports app which has been specifically designed and developed for sports lovers. Right from offering live news to latest updates, the app helps its users to always stay ahead of the game. It offers detailed information about the matches, team members and much more to keep the user engaged till the end.


Login Screen

The user can get logged into this mobile app for sports update by entering their verified email address and password.


This feature in the app lets the user have all the information regarding their favourite sports direct on their screen. The news feed section shows live scores, and press releases that are always updated.


Latest sports updates

This sports app feature is all about offering latest updates on different sports. Right from what happened on field to the moves of players on ground, the app showed everything to the user. Apart from updating latest scores, the app also offered updates on the live sports event.


Special Moments

This feature is all about letting the app user relive the special moments of the sports events. Right from what happened to how happened, the user can read about all those beautiful events in here. The particular breath-taking moment is described here using images and text.


Events & matches

This feature offers a list of events and matches which are to be conducted in the locality with all the needed information. This helps the sports lover to stay updated always.

Video streaming

This section in the app lets the user to watch the previous or current matches at any point of time. The special moments of the sports event is also made available here. The app keeps on updating this section to make sure latest videos are available to the users.


One-stop destination for sports lovers!

Now users can have their favourite sports event and information about the same available at the tap of their fingers. So all they need to do is to have a smartphone and enjoy their favourite sport from anywhere, anytime.

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