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About Us

The market for eCommerce mobile apps have grown high in the last few years and it has become a key criteria when it comes to measuring success and growth for businesses. This has been specifically working well for businesses that are successful offline and were not having any kind of online presence before. This means more eCommerce businesses are planning to build mobile eCommerce apps which can help them gain an edge in the market.


The love for sport-gear remains in fashion always and its demand never ceases to exist and this is what we learned when our client approached us with this innovative idea. So we wanted to build a solution which can bring together sports enthusiasts, help them share their views, let shop for their favourites –all the while help the business have better plans for enhancing productivity and boosting business growth through effective eCommerce mobile app.

What is Sneaka?

Sneaka is an online portal where customers can sell or shop for their favorite sneakers. This offers them a platform to display their products along with right model, design, colors and price. Buyers can go through this information to find the right pair of sneakers that they wish to buy. For the business, which plans to build such an online shopping platform to connect sellers and buyers, can have it developed to their specific needs through our personalized service. Users get to access certain things through the app like:


Users can create a profile on the ecommerce app and add sneakers to the Wishlist

Create group

Users can create a group of sneaker-interested buddies and share a bond.

showcase collection

The user can showcase their own collection by uploading HD pictures

Digital Lock

The users can have a digital lock to their own collections to keep it safe and secure


The user can exchange their sneakers with other members within the group


E-wallets with payment gateways like PayPal to carry out secure transactions

Our design strategy

When developing this mobile-based eCommerce app for shopping sneakers, we made use of latest technologies and tools in our project. We wanted to keep the design unique in the market and went for an approach which was new and never tried before. The features within the app were designed keeping the end-user expectations in mind.

Our solution for Design

Amazing eCommerce app features

Building a mobile app for online shopping that too dedicated for sneakers is not something we see every day! So we know that when done right, it can prove to be one of the most popular mobile applications among the sneaker lovers. Keeping that in mind, we have designed the features in the app exactly in a manner that people can easily go through, browse the sneaker options, select their pair and even spread a word in their community. Here the buyers can also use the app in the apt manner to attract customers. In short, we have an app with all the outstanding features at a single place!

SiliconItHub’s Strengths

User profiles

This feature let the user develop their profile and add in important and basic information. People can go through the user profile to like and follow, and share a common interest. For the users, there is tab to check out the number of likes and the number of people following them. Below that comes the section where the users can add in the products they plan to sell. They can add in the product pictures in high-resolution along with the price tags.

Sell your products

This mobile-based ecommerce app comes with a feature where you can sell your sneakers by entering information like size, price and description. The user can also upload pictures of the sneakers from different angles for a different and better view. This section also mentions whether the sneakers mentioned in here is brand new or has been pre-owned by the user. Here the user can set the price of the sneakers on their own, and list out the products that they plan to sell.


Messages and notifications

The app offers an inbox feature where all the received and sent messages will be stored. The messages are listed as read and un-read types. Just like any other messaging service, the user can perform different actions on a selected message here within the app. Similarly, the user will also receive push notifications in real-time regarding any incoming or outgoing messages.

The Output

From the user perspective, the app is quite simple to use and navigate. The seller can easily put up the sneakers to sell along with its features, images and price tags. While for the buyers, they can easily shop for their favourite pair of sneakers and even share their experience with the sneaker community. Apart from being ideal ecommerce mobile app platform for both parties, it can help people connect and enjoy what we call ‘shopping’.

The Output

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