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Rent-e-Car is a mobile app that helps customers easily find and rent a taxi nearby through a taxi booking app. For the business, this Uber like app helps in automating their operations with ease and helps scale it accordingly. Here, we can help you build a completely customized taxi booking application that matches with your business vision and end-user needs by using the latest technologies and tools.

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Find your ride,
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The mobile app will let the users find and rent a car quickly, effortlessly. To make things work better, it will offer a range of services which can be separated on the basis of comfort, budget and choice. This includes features like Rent e Ca Mini, Rent e Ca Micro and Rent e Ca Sedan.

Choose your ride

Customer needs are different and so the solution has to be personalized. So we added in a few things to make the selection process simple. We offered them a few details like type of the car and number of seats available in it. This helped the customers to hire a car which is perfectly fit for their needs.

Select Taxi-type
Real-Time Location
Car Location

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Your Taxi is 8 minutes away from your pick-up point. Thanks for your patience.

tracking always!

We understand that taxi booking app needs to have transparency with its customers. So we added in here a real-time taxi tracking system through which the customer will know the exact location of the taxi at the said moment once the booking has been made. It also prompted the approximate time it would take for the taxi to reach the customer.

Feedbacks and ratings

Customer experience is what matters when it comes to offering excellent car rental service. So we added in a feature which would collect feedback from the users regarding the rides and let them rate it. So this gives a clear idea about the areas of improvements and where the car renting app is doing well.

GPS tracking
User Ratings

Smooth payment process

Our car rental app stresses on building simple process to make payments for the booked rides. We designed the app in a way that it avoided any last minute surprises for the users. We did that by offering an approximate bill amount based on the chosen destination from the pickup point. We also included different payment methods within the app like cards, e-wallets, etc. to ease the whole process of hiring a car.

Google Map
Google Map
Stripe payment
Stripe payment

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