Client overview

Shree Maruti Courier Services is a reputed and leading courier delivery company based in India that is into offering efficient courier delivery services.



When the client approached us they were facing numerous issues in their business. As there was no digital solution they had to manually make manifest and delivery sheets. So, more human resources were consumed leading to increased working time and increased chances of human errors. Being a leading and popular courier service company, our client received high volumes of parcel and it was hard for them to get real values of business and operational statistics. The lack of such valuable insights stopped them from making right business decisions. Another issue they faced was of high revenue loss as it was practically hard to implement change of rates across different centres in the country simultaneously. Finally, the last issue that they faced was that their customers had no idea about their parcel status as there was no parcel tracking facility available.



We primarily suggested a Cloud-based ERP software solution to our client for a centralized control to solve all their issues and grow in their business. So, let’s see how it along with our other solutions helped them.


Cloud-based ERP

The Cloud-based ERP software let the management have full control of all commercial as well as operational data points. This helped them have a clear picture of their workflow in real-time. We developed this centralized solution on AWS cloud hosted solution architecture and it was spread across different centres of the company. This arrangement let the client know the real values of business and operational statistics which helped them make informed business decisions that can benefit the business.


In-scan & Out-scan system

We developed and deployed web portal and handheld app at more than 40 operational hubs of the company which helped them with in-scan and out-scan of parcels to make things simpler, easier and speedier. This made it easy to track a parcel at the store and know its current status, thus increasing efficiency.


Centralized System to Connect Channel Partners

We developed a desktop app and web app using open source PHP framework of YII for over 2590 channel partners of the company so as to introduce a centralized system for communication and streamlined business process.


Shipment Tracking Mobile App

For customers, we developed mobile apps for iOS and Android phones to let them easily get shipment information and track their parcel just by using the Shipping ID.



Our efforts resulted in the development of a powerful cloud-based ERP software solution that matched with the client needs and was in full compliance with their business processes. The solution helped our client to have a centralized system built to control 2590+ courier centres spread across the country. It helped them to gain operational efficiency, get real-time insights for smart decision-making and improve customer service. The solution was made available as Desktop application and web app which increased its reach and use while making it handy.


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