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Silicon IT Hub is one of the top blockchain development companies in the global market which has been offering top-notch blockchain development services to its business clients. We thrive towards developing innovative products that make use of digital currency. We understand that businesses of today prefer to go for the distributed ledger which is digital, to carry out all the money transactions with ease. Just by following the same idea, our blockchain development services are focused on developing digital ledger that is secure and efficient to use.

Here at Silicon IT Hub, we have a team of expert blockchain developers. Our team makes use of the latest technologies and tools to come up with solutions that can work with businesses of all sizes and types. We believe in coming up with the best solutions that can offer our business clients a better future through efficient, safe, secure and faster digital transactions.

Private Blockchain Development

We build you a well-protected and completely customized blockchain network, which can be exclusively used for your business. This will help you have transactions that are safe and fast.


Crypto Exchange Development

To help with the easy exchange of cryptocurrencies, we offer you different development services related to cryptocurrency. This way you can easily sell, buy or exchange them without any issues.


Wallet Development Solutions

We can help you have built secure and decentralized mobile and desktop wallets, for Ethereum, Bitcoins, and Altcoins.


Distributed e-Commerce Solution

Our experts can help you come up with decentralized marketplaces where anyone can sell their products. We provide solutions to businesses that want to expand their limits and to easily target cryptocurrency-savvy people.


Decentralized Application Development

Our Blockchain experts are capable enough to develop enterprise-level decentralized applications for our business clients that can help them boost their business sales. Our experts can work with you right from app ideation to final development.


Smart Contracts Development

Our team of skilled Blockchain experts develops secure Smart Contract code which you can use to automate the execution of different processes in HyperLedger Fabric and Ethereum.


Blockchain Technology Consulting

Our team of Blockchain experts will do their best to resolve all your queries regarding the technology and let you know how it can benefit your business. We will even suggest you the right solution based on your business needs and market demands.


Blockchain IoT App Development

Our immense knowledge and expertise in Blockchain and IoT have helped us to come up with Blockchain network solutions by effectively combining IoT. We focus on developing solutions that can make businesses smarter and reduce the complexities that they face within the processes.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

A smarter approach to enhance data quality

Here at Silicon IT Hub, our team lets you have customized smart contracts that can help you keep your business competitive in the fintech industry. We build smart contracts that can automate business transactions as well as remove any kind of third-party authentication involved. So businesses can achieve operational efficiency as well as reduce manual efforts by hiring blockchain developers from us.


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Silicon IT Hub has the right team of experts who can build simple to sophisticated Blockchain-driven solutions based on what the business demands. So, do you feel Blockchain can elevate your business? Then the best way to find it out is by contacting us!

Blockchain Technology’s Key Benefits

Know what Blockchain solutions can help you with


In Blockchain, the transaction ledger is open for the public and it automatically makes people accountable. This means each section of the business will work in integrity towards the organization and its clients.

Increased Efficiency and Speed

There are no middlemen in blockchain as it is a decentralized system. This increases the efficiency between the processes and makes things faster.


Compared to other record-keeping systems, Blockchain is much secure. This becomes possible as it keeps all the transactions encrypted and a link is saved to connect the transaction to the previous one.


The digital ledger in blockchain records every exchange that takes place. This leaves a trail of the complete transaction. This way it becomes easy to trace the transactions and know the accountable people.

Reduced cost

In blockchain transactions no middlemen are involved and again here you don’t have to worry much about the documentation. This saves you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spend on managing such things.


Blockchain increases auditability within digital transactions. Whenever a transaction takes place between two parties, all the information can be easily verified by auditors. This means the audit process witnesses an increased efficiency in terms of costs and efforts due to automation.

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