Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions About PHP Frameworks


PHP Frameworks

So PHP programming language is ruling the web development industry with its extensive power and capabilities of frameworks. One programming language and many frameworks. Making PHP stand out in the tough competitions of web frameworks and programming technologies is brilliant and it is all because of the strong capabilities of this open source language frameworks.

Well, the business to business marketers and direct customers of IT industry do look for brilliance while hiring Website Developers for their website development. Because once a bug is always a bug. So to avoid the challenges coming in implementing the smart development phases for website applications, the PHP frameworks are backing the idea of ensembling smart things in a smart way.

This blog is representing some essentials for How PHP frameworks deal with things and what are the know-how, key parameters and questions that pop up in clientele’s mind about PHP frameworks. So yes, if you are looking for something very readymade in a nutshell about PHP Frameworks before hiring a PHP developer, do read out the blog ahead.

Which is the Best PHP Framework I should try?

In spite of multiple PHP frameworks and various features in web development technology, there are some concrete reasons for choosing each framework for a particular project. Symfony and Laravel are the best PHP frameworks of all time.

Symfony is tending to use reusable components for better modularity and transforming things in such modular fashion. For working on numerous components and enabling things on the faster note, Symfony emerges out as the best option which is indeed a requirement for enterprise level projects.

Whereas Laravel is known for its object-relational mapping technique for faster data conversion. Laravel boosts the performance charismatically than Symfony and it caches the source code faster as well. Laravel is also known for eCommerce projects, as the framework stands for strong root in dealing with product based eCommerce websites.

Can I use the Laravel Framework for eCommerce Website Development?

Laravel has everything that eCommerce website development needs. Its highly supported omnichannel support, full flexibility in Laravel Shopping cart management, high scalability for adding products and independent operations make it perfect for an eCommerce platform.

Which Framework Should I Choose? Laravel or YII

For boosting the site performance and making it robust in object-oriented concepts, YII takes a stand. Laravel is the latest framework of all that makes coding faster, reliable and excellent for eCommerce platforms.

Which PHP Framework is easy to learn?

PHP programming language concept is easy for learning if anyone has a strong concept of building logic. Learning CodeIgnitor as a beginner is quite easy and it will be helpful for learning other PHP frameworks like YII and Laravel.

What is a PHP Framework?

PHP frameworks are providing a basic structure to any code written in this programming language. It is a set of practice followed by some specific norms and principles to organise the code, to do the faster implementations of code and more like reusing the coding components.

Each framework has its own characteristics plus previous frameworks’ specialities. Learning PHP frameworks add a plus in good practice of any web developer / PHP Developer.  Everyone should hire PHP Developer with versatile capabilities i.e., multiple PHP frameworks handling the experience.

Which PHP Framework has 100% OOPs?

Using a broad range of PHP programming Language features, Zend Framework emerges out as giving the 100 per cent of Object-Oriented  Code. The framework is useful for developing a diverse range of web applications.

What does Codeignitor specialize for?

Who would wish to build components again and again? Or write the code repetitively? Codeignitor stands for its continuous ability to make things one time and use multiple times. Codeignitor with a small toolkit builds a full-featured web application projects.

Which PHP framework written originally in C & C++?

Phalcon PHP Framework was originally written in C & C++. Having expertise in C Programming language plays vital while dealing with Phalcon.

What is FuelPHP Framework about?

FuelPHP Framework is the most flexible one along with the support for MVC design. This hierarchical model view controller keeps the originality of content and does not let duplicate to show on multiple pages. It was intended to release for less time consumption and memory optimization.

Three Parameters for Choosing PHP Frameworks?

Database Support

Community Support


These key parameters vary by the framework to framework. The PHP Developers are supposed to choose frameworks based on these key essentials and as per project requirement.

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