Top App Development Ideas To Try For Your Startup In 2021

Today our lives revolve around mobile applications and we use mobile apps for anything to everything. Right from money transactions to paying bills, ordering food to booking cabs, we use mobile applications. As per Statista, there were 178 billion app downloads in 2017, in 2018 there were 205 billion downloads and by 2022, it is expected to reach 258 billion downloads.

This means you have better chances of making money if you invest in a mobile app as your business. However, with so many apps out there in the App Store, you need to come up with a unique app development idea.

App development ideas

So, in case you are planning to work in that direction, here are some app development ideas that you can work on.

1. Augmented reality app

When shopping for furniture we may like a piece or two but are not sure about whether it will fit in your room or not. You are not sure about how it will look in your place or what can be the best piece you can have for the place. Now you can easily style your room using the AR app along with your mobile camera. You will be able to see 3D virtual models of different furniture and items in your room within a virtual space and decide for yourself. The app can be partnered with leading shopping sites or furniture brands and let the users buy the item directly.

2. Railway tracking app

Many people across prominent cities depend on railways to reach their destination. This can seem to be more frustrating if the trains are late and you cannot know anything about it. This will put you in the dilemma of whether to wait for the train to arrive or look out for alternative options. By using this app, you will be able to spot where your train is exactly and based on that make quick decisions if you are facing an emergency or need to find an alternative.

3. Scan and convert to PDF app

Many of us visit shops to get the documents scanned and then convert them into PDF. By opting for an app like scan and save it to PDF, it will become possible for the people to safeguard all their documents, receipts, whiteboards, notes, report cards, etc. securely within the mobile phones. With this app, you can scan the documents in better quality and then store or send them in JPEG or PDF files.

4. Food planner and health check-up app

This app works by checking your health and making healthy food recommendations accordingly. This way you will be able to ensure you are eating healthy. Moreover, the app connects you with professional chef-bloggers so that you will get access to healthy and nutritious recipes. Based on your health condition, you can set your receiving content. Say, for example, if you are diabetic then you will only receive recipes that can help you control blood sugar levels. Moreover, the app can ensure you get the right healthy items delivered at your doorstep by partnering with groceries.

5. Bike servicing app

Think about a bike servicing app and a platform that eases the whole process! Such a technological advancement can provide them a high-quality vehicle maintenance service with proper convenience. The platform can come up with a door-set pick-up of the vehicle and drop, by coming up with proper inventory management. This will ensure in smarter order management system, decreased waiting time, better allocation of staff, etc.

6. Voice translation app

When you are visiting a new place one of the issues you will face is the difficulty in communicating with others as you are not fluent in the language. Now think about an app that can translate the voice of travelers in the said language for easy communication! Seems to be a revolutionary app, right? All that the user needs to do is to speak to the app and it will translate the words into the desired language. The app can even work the other way where the words spoken in a foreign language can get translated to your language in real-time!

7. Mall navigation map app

Mall navigation map keeps a record of all the shopping malls within the vicinity in the form of digital maps. People can use this app to get directions to the mall or to navigate within the mall. Such an app can work well in case of huge shopping malls where it can be difficult for the people to spot the exact shop, to find a parking space, to know the crowdedness of the place or even to know which restaurants are working.

8. Call recording app

The incidents of phishing, prank calls and harassment over the phones are no less today! Now, people can record these calls and keep them as evidence by using a call recording app.

9. Criminal alert app

It is a fact that we don’t remember the face of criminals whom we have seen on the TV for once. Again, it is also possible that we may come across total strangers who are trying to be friendly with us only to turn out to be criminals later. So when you use this application you will get alerted whenever a criminal is spotted in your vicinity and this will help you keep yourself safe while helping police catch the lawbreaker.

10. Scan to shop apps

By using such an app you will get to scan the items that are available at the shop and find their suitable alternatives easily online. This way you can buy what you want at your desired rate instantly.

11. Fitness app

An application focused on a healthy lifestyle to help health-conscious people track their health parameters. All such parameters can be tracked with the help of health coaches, nutritionists and pathologists in order to help you tackle lifestyle disorders.

Such an application will come with many charts that will help the users to manage different parameters like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, sugar, etc. The app comes with a chat facility which helps the users to connect with health professionals and the community.

12. Real-time car-sharing app

By using a car-sharing app, the user can enlist their car to the car-sharing arrangement and put up the destination where they are going. The other user who is planning to go to the same destination will put the same in the app. This way both parties can plan the trip together and split the costs later.

13. Tip calculator app

The tip calculator app can help you process the bill entry faster when you are eating out and planning to split the bill. From the total bill amount, it will become possible to calculate the exact percentage of the tipping amount at the spot itself.

14. Food recommendation app

This app will provide you the reviews or recommendations from the local guides who like to explore different restaurants in the area. You can use the app to put in your recommendations and reviews on the app so as to let the people know what they can try out there.

15. Language learning app

Today people are more inclined towards learning new things and broadening their knowledge spectrum to enhance skill-set and have a better life. So how about an app that lets the users learn the basics of a language and then based on their knowledge level progresses. The app can even include some audio features which can help the users to learn the right pronunciation of the said words.

16. Graphical restaurant table reservation app

You may be looking for corner seats to spend the dinner with your special one or a group of tables for a family get together. However, it is not possible to get the seats booked your way, especially on busy days. Now you can easily choose the desired seats by using a graphical restaurant table reservation app.

17. Virtual study group app

This app proves to be a virtual common ground for students who are studying the same subject. They can study in a group and the app provides them with study materials, guides, tools, etc.

18. Supermarket checkout app

No one likes to spend their good weekend afternoons and evenings standing in a long queue in supermarkets! There is a new hope of supermarkets coming up with self-check-out after brands like Amazon came up with of their own. By using this app you can scan the products while you add them into the cart and then make your payments accordingly.

19. Karaoke app

We all have that favorite song which we would like to sing even when we are not much of a singer. This Karaoke app lets the users sing and work on different filters on their songs. Users can even use this app to practice their singing skills.

20. UPI payment app

There has been a tremendous increase in the use of Unified Payment Interface or UPI for making payments or transferring money. You can either request money or send using this real-time inter-bank payment system. A single app can have multiple bank accounts linked and by using the account number or IFSC code, virtual payment address, OR code or the Aadhaar number, you can send or request money.

21. Video editing app

Even though there has been a significant change in the way people are using social media, still it remains a top trend in the current scenario. People are more inclined towards putting up their personal lives on such social media sites in the form of videos and there are others, who use this to market products. In both scenarios, you need to look professional and attractive. This is where a video-editing app can help you. So, whether you want to present your product or look cool in those videos, they have to be made perfect!

22. Travel plan

We all have the tendency to plan holidays and trips. Many a time we end up getting stuck. You can make a huge difference in this aspect by opting for an intelligent travel planner. Compared to the traditional traveler apps, the Travel Plan app will offer you a new dimension in this arena. Such an app will let the users sync in their office schedule too.

The app will work on to collect all the available information about the chosen destinations. Then it will help you come up with the best trip by checking your preferences and schedule. It will then make use of Big Data to know more about the places to visit, opening time, the best time and important places and put them together in your trip planner.

23. Barter exchange app

There was no concept of money during the initial years of human civilization. In those days, people usually went ahead with exchanging goods for goods. This kind of arrangement was called a barter system. Today we make use of currency to buy items, still, it can be better to opt for a barter system to get equipment, unused items, and stuff in exchange for the goods you have.

So how about having a digital platform where you can easily barter your stuff with other people for theirs. You can have a mobile application build where you can list out the products you have and no longer need, for the exchange. The application will be about finding the right person who is suitable for exchanging the product. The best thing is that the whole thing will not involve any money. With people always looking for something, you will be able to grow your user base quickly. As an app owner, you can make money through advertising.

24. My parking space

People are quite attracted to cities but, such places are highly populated. This makes spaces in such cities and towns more of valuable assets you can have. With an increasing number of business hubs, malls and shopping centers, finding a parking space is always difficult. So here we are with an app idea which can help you find a parking space with ease in the city. However, you will need to set up some prerequisites for such an app which includes knowing the peak hours, setting up parking spaces, identifying congestion areas, etc.
In order to find and suggest the most relevant parking lots, the app can make use of traffic analysis data and GPS information of Google and other related services. The app can even suggest early parking to the users in case of some unplanned events, festival days, special events or accidents.

25. Share a book

Even in the present digital world, there are people who love to read books. However, it is not possible for everyone to invest in this area abundantly. There are books that are rare to find too. So how about having an app that can help you make such books easily accessible! The app can work as a common platform for both people who want to share and get books. They can register on the app and let others know about the physical and digital ones they possess. Users can chat with each other, conduct meetings, etc.

26. Gas delivery

Cooking gas is one of the important utility items within the household and coming up with a mobile application for cooking gas delivery can be an innovative idea. The gas agencies or the cooking gas companies itself can make use of such on-demand applications to easily reach the customers, take bookings, make quick deliveries and list to customer queries. Users can make use of such an application to let customers book a new connection or refill the existing one with ease.

27. Beauty service app

Today many people are not amused by the idea of spending hours in a queue to get a facial done or for a haircut! This is where you can grab the opportunity and come up with an on-demand beauty service app.

You can develop a mobile application of your own which can serve as a common platform for the beautician/hairdresser and the customers. Beauticians or hairdressers can easily list out their services on the application along with the charges. This way, customers can expect what they have to pay for the service beforehand and book accordingly. Beauticians, on the other hand, will get customer requests which they can arrange in slots based on the convenience of both parties and get steady earning.

28. Shop product by photo app

Many a time we see a product and find it quite interesting. But when it comes to buying, we end up not finding them anywhere over the internet. So how about having an application which can resolve this issue? Think about an application that can let you find the products easily just by using photos!

You can say that it is one of such innovative app ideas you could ask for and here all that the user has to do is to click a picture of the product and search for it online. For a start-up business, it can prove to be an effective app idea as it lets them engage with the users for a longer period.

Again when it comes to developing such apps, you don’t have to target a specific group of people as it will work for everyone. Moreover, the app owner can get into collaboration with retailers and sellers to make more profits.

Final thoughts

The primary purpose of building a mobile application is to make money and boost business growth. You need to ensure the application can survive amidst all the competition. In order to make sure the app is a great success, you need to come up with a unique app idea. Here we have mentioned a number of app ideas that you can work on to come up with a unique solution. So try out the right one for your business and see the growth in terms of increased revenue generation.0

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